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Our relationships with financial institutions and quality enhancements are unmatched. No missing data. No duplicates. No incorrect transactions.

Best for coverage

We have direct datalinks with over 130 banks, financial institutions and credit card providers across Australia and New Zealand.

Security you can bank on

Your information is completely secure. We protect all our data with PCI DSS global security and are compliant with ASIC and banking rules.

Find your financial provider below

Account NameBank AccountCredit CardManaged InvestmentsSupplier FeedDelivery Frequency
Actrol   Purple TickDaily
Adelaide BankPurple Tick   Daily 
American Express Australia Purple Tick  Daily 
AMP BankPurple Tick   Daily 
Ampol   Purple TickMonthly
Anglican Investment and Development FundPurple Tick Purple Tick Daily 
Anglican Community Fund (Inc.)Purple Tick   Daily 
ANZPurple TickPurple TickPurple Tick Various
AWA Alliance Bank Purple TickPurple Tick  Daily 
Arab Bank AustraliaPurple Tick   Monthly
Armidale Diocesan Investment Group  Purple Tick Monthly
Asgard Wealth SolutionsPurple Tick   Daily 
Australian Money MarketPurple Tick   Daily 
Auswide BankPurple Tick   Daily 
Australian Mutual Bank LimitedPurple TickPurple Tick  Weekly
Bank of us (B&E Ltd)Purple TickPurple Tick  Daily 
Bank AustraliaPurple Tick   Daily
Bank of MelbournePurple Tick   Daily 
Bank of QueenslandPurple Tick   Daily
BankSAPurple Tick   Daily
Bank of SydneyPurple Tick   Monthly
BankwestPurple TickPurple Tick  Daily
Baptist Financial Services AustraliaPurple Tick   Daily
Bartercard Australia   Purple TickMonthly
BCUPurple TickPurple Tick  Daily
BDCU Alliance BankPurple TickPurple Tick  Daily
Bell PotterPurple Tick
 Purple Tick
Bendigo BankPurple TickPurple Tick  Daily
Beyond Bank AustraliaPurple TickPurple Tick  Daily
BNP ParibasPurple Tick
BOQ SpecialistPurple TickPurple Tick  Daily
Broken Hill Community Credit UnionPurple Tick   Daily
Bunnings   Purple TickDaily
BWA Managed Investments  Purple Tick Daily
Cairns PennyPurple Tick   Daily
Catholic Development Fund (Bathurst Diocese)Purple Tick   Daily
Central Murray Credit UnionPurple Tick   Monthly
Central West Credit UnionPurple TickPurple Tick  Daily
Circle Alliance Bank Purple TickPurple Tick  Daily
Coastline Credit UnionPurple TickPurple Tick  Daily
Commonwealth Bank of AustraliaPurple TickPurple Tick  Daily
Community First Credit UnionPurple TickPurple Tick  Monthly
Credit Suisse Asset ManagementPurple Tick   Daily
Credit Union SAPurple TickPurple Tick  Daily
DDH Graham LimitedPurple Tick Purple Tick Monthly
Defence BankPurple Tick
Purple TickPurple Tick Daily
Delphi BankPurple Tick   Daily
Dnister Ukrainian Credit Co-operativePurple Tick   Daily
Elders Rural Services   Purple TickMonthly
Family First Credit UnionPurple Tick   Daily
Fire Services Credit UnionPurple Tick   Daily
First Choice Credit UnionPurple TickPurple Tick  Various
First Option BankPurple TickPurple Tick  Monthly
Fonterra Australia   Purple TickMonthly
Geelong BankPurple Tick   Monthly
G & C Mutual BankPurple TickPurple Tick  Monthly
Goulburn Murray Credit UnionPurple TickPurple Tick  Daily
Greater BankPurple TickPurple Tick  Daily
Great Southern BankPurple TickPurple Tick  Daily
Heritage BankPurple TickPurple Tick  Daily
Holiday Coast Credit UnionPurple TickPurple Tick  Daily
Horizon Credit UnionPurple TickPurple Tick  Daily
Hume BankPurple TickPurple Tick  Daily
Illawarra Credit UnionPurple Tick   Daily
IMB BankPurple Tick   Daily
Lutheran Laypeople League
Purple Tick   Daily
Macarthur Credit UnionPurple Tick   Monthly
Macquarie BankPurple Tick   Daily
Macquarie Credit UnionPurple TickPurple Tick  Weekly
Macquarie Equities  Purple Tick Daily
Macquarie Investment Management  Purple Tick Daily
Metalflex   Purple TickDaily
Morgans  Purple Tick Daily
Murray Goulburn Co-operative   Purple TickMonthly
MYOB to MYOB   Purple TickDaily
MyState BankPurple Tick   Daily
NABPurple TickPurple Tick  Daily
Newcastle PermanentPurple Tick   Daily
Northern Inland Credit UnionPurple TickPurple Tick  Daily
Officeworks   Purple TickDaily
Orange Credit UnionPurple TickPurple Tick  Daily
Ord MinnettPurple Tick   Monthly
P&N BankPurple TickPurple Tick  Daily
People's Choice Credit UnionPurple TickPurple Tick  Daily
PPM - Private Portfolio Managers  Purple Tick Quarterly
Qudos BankPurple TickPurple TickPurple Tick Daily
Queensland Country BankPurple TickPurple Tick  Daily
RabobankPurple Tick   Daily
Reece   Purple TickDaily
Regional Australia BankPurple TickPurple Tick  Daily
Reliance BankPurple TickPurple Tick
Rural BankPurple Tick   Daily
Rural Finance
Purple Tick   Monthly
Sandhurst Trustees  Purple Tick Daily
SERVICE ONE Alliance BankPurple TickPurple Tick  Daily
South West CreditPurple Tick   Daily
South West Slopes Credit UnionPurple TickPurple Tick  Monthly
Southern Cross Credit UnionPurple Tick   Daily
St George BankPurple TickPurple Tick  Daily
Summerland bankPurple TickPurple Tick  Daily
SuncorpPurple Tick   Daily
The CapricornianPurple Tick   Daily
The Mutual BankPurple Tick   Daily
The Shire Local Banking - Sutherland Credit UnionPurple Tick   Daily
Tradelink   Purple TickDaily
Unity BankPurple TickPurple Tick  Daily
WaddlePurple Tick   Daily
Warwick Credit UnionPurple Tick   Monthly
WAW Credit UnionPurple Tick   Daily
WestpacPurple TickPurple Tick  Daily

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