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21st October, 2021

Streamlined accounts, easy reconciliations: What’s new in MYOB Academy – October 2021

Reducing admin tasks associated with bringing money in and paying money out improves business efficiency. New courses added to MYOB Academy demonstrate how.

As we move towards what’s traditionally one of the busier times of year for many small and medium businesses, October 2021 also sees pandemic restrictions beginning to ease across Australia and New Zealand.

And that means many retailers, hospitality operators, along with their suppliers and advisors, will be looking out for any growth opportunities that simply didn’t exist 12 months ago. At times like these, businesses need to be able to bring in revenue and pay out any debts as efficiently as possible.

The good news is MYOB delivers products that deliver these efficiencies, and MYOB Academy is available for you to learn how to apply them in your business.

Here’s an overview of all new courses added to MYOB Academy this month.

How to add bank feeds in MYOB

Bank feeds enable you to view details of your bank accounts directly from your MYOB software, making it easy to track and manage your money. For users of MYOB Business*, a new course steps you through getting your bank fees set up.

What’s covered?

  • Find your banking provider and how regularly they update bank feeds
  • Learn how to apply for bank feeds
  • Learn how to link a feed to an account in your accounts list

Discover how to add bank feeds in MYOB Academy now.

Simplify your recordkeeping with MYOB Capture app

A completely free app that partners with your MYOB software, MYOB Capture allows you to snap a photo of a receipt and have the information from that receipt sent straight to your software.

Alternatively, if you’re working with a bookkeeper or an accountant, they will also be able to receive and track your business receipts, all of which saves you and your advisors time when it comes to process tax or simply monitoring expenses.

What’s covered:

  • Tips for staying on top of expenses
  • A discussion on how to take the stress out of tax time conversations
  • A demonstration of MYOB Capture app

See how MYOB Capture works to clean up your expense management here.

MYOB Essentials: What to expect from the new upgrade

You may have noticed your MYOB interface has been given an upgrade, if you’re using Essentials.

With powerful new features, a cleaner, a more transparent look and significant workflow improvements, the latest update of Essentials aims to be its finest yet.

To highlight these tweaks and changes, as well as demonstrate how to get the most from the software, MYOB produced the below Academy course.

What’s covered?

  • Doing more from the dashboard
  • Key changes to navigation
  • Banking as you know it, but ‘beefier’
  • Purchase orders and customised invoices

Get all the insight into the latest update here.

Bookkeeping 101: Get the lingo

This course is designed to introduce you to the key terms that form the foundation of modern bookkeeping.

The webinar does not cover the use of any MYOB product, it instead aims to introduce you to manual bookkeeping and commonly used expressions, and help you grow your general bookkeeping knowledge.

What’s covered?

  • The basics of bookkeeping
  • Introduction to two key financial reports
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Introduction to double entry bookkeeping

Get started on the basics of bookkeeping with MYOB Academy.

Christmas leave webinar (Exo Payroll, NZ-only)

Overcome the hidden challenges of processing leave over the Christmas/New Year period with this comprehensive online training course.

This course is designed to help Exo Payroll users understand and experience the different processing requirements that may happen over the Christmas and New Year period, as well as learning about your obligations in managing leave for employees.

Ideally, you will have experience using Exo Payroll and a good understanding of basic setup and processing before taking this course.

What’s covered?

  • MBIE guidance and how to apply this to your employee setups
  • Leave entitlements, valuation and accrual – managing annual holidays in weeks
  • Understanding and setting up FBAPS Leave
  • New employees and closedown rules
  • Additional payments – Christmas Bonuses and Terminations
  • Processing over the Christmas period
  • Using Report Views and more

Everything you need to know about managing holiday leave this year in MYOB Exo Payroll.

Access AccountRight in the Browser

Work any time, anywhere and from any device.

This course demonstrates how MYOB has developed the use of AccountRight beyond the desktop.

The below webinar is a brief introduction to the new features available in the browser and does not cover these features’ in-depth use.

What’s covered?

  • The AccountRight journey so far
  • What does navigating the browser look like?
  • Where the browser shines
  • Features still to come
  • Answering your questions

Enrol now to access these insights into MYOB AccountRight.

Software for bigger business: The MYOB Advanced Platform

For the past three decades, over a million businesses have trusted MYOB for their accounting and business needs for developing and delivering solutions that make work (and life) easier.

MYOB has a rich history of innovation and leadership in business management, payroll and workforce management software. In fact, the MYOB Advanced platform is designed to do just that for bigger businesses.

That means MYOB is able to more Australian and New Zealand businesses as they grow. The below MYOB Academy course shows how.

What’s covered:

  • Benefits and capabilities of MYOB Advanced
  • Find out about the range of industries MYOB Advanced supports
  • Discover where you can get help and support

View the MYOB Advanced course in MYOB Academy today.