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14th December, 2023

Championing innovation: Australia’s Top 50 Innovative Manufacturers

Innovation is the lifeblood of progress and this is especially true when it comes to the manufacturing sector.

It’s a rapidly-evolving landscape, shaped by technological advancements and shifting market demands.

Emphatically, Australian manufacturers are at the forefront of this, innovating to stay competitive in an increasingly global market.

With that in mind, AUManufacturing, in conjunction with MYOB, has launched its second annual campaign to identify the 50 most innovative manufacturers in Australia.

This year’s campaign is a celebration of those who dare to think differently, challenge norms, and push boundaries to create better products, processes, and technologies.

Also, MYOB’s involvement goes beyond sponsorship. By being part of the judging panel, we bring our expertise in business management and technology to recognise and reward manufacturing excellence.

Why this matters

The campaign shines a spotlight on the best manufacturing innovators across Australia, sharing their stories to inspire others and showcasing the breadth of developments happening within the industry.

You can watch the launch webinar, featuring the heads of two very different manufacturers, below. You’ll also hear from Bruce Minty, Senior Product Manager at MYOB.

Support for the manufacturing industry

MYOB is a champion of the manufacturing sector, offering tools and solutions that help businesses thrive.

Our involvement in this campaign again is a natural extension of our ongoing commitment to support the industry’s growth and innovation.

Through this support, we aim to encourage manufacturers to step forward and showcase their innovative achievements. We believe in the power of recognition to fuel further innovation and drive industry excellence.

The impact of innovation

Innovation in manufacturing is not just about groundbreaking inventions.

It’s about incremental improvements, process optimisations, and adopting new technologies that collectively drive the industry forward.

Consequently, it’s these innovations that enable manufacturers to enhance efficiency, improve quality, and meet the ever-changing needs of their customers.

Invitation to participate

Whether it’s a new product that’s changing the game, a process that’s increasing efficiency, or a technology that’s transforming operations, we want to hear your story.

Also, this is your opportunity to be recognised among Australia’s top 50 innovative manufacturers.

How to nominate

Nominating is easy! Visit AUManufacturing’s nomination page and fill out the form.

Share your innovation journey with us — the challenges you’ve faced, the risks you’ve taken, and the successes you’ve achieved.

Equally important, this is not just about competing for a spot in the top 50; it’s about being part of a larger narrative that celebrates and inspires innovation in Australian manufacturing.

Also, it’s a powerful way to gain visibility and credibility in the industry, attract potential customers, and boost employee morale.

Finally, beyond these tangible benefits, it’s a recognition of your hard work and innovative spirit — something that resonates with customers and sets you apart in the market.

A collective journey forward

Innovation is a journey marked by challenges, risks, and rewards.

Firstly, by participating in this campaign, you’re not just vying for a title, you’re helping to support and celebrate fellow innovators.

Secondly, our commitment to nurturing a culture of innovation within the Australian manufacturing industry means we’re excited to be part of this journey.

Nominations close March 8, 2024. Finalists will be contacted on April 2 and invited to the breakfast awards event on April 18, the second day of Australian Manufacturing Week in Sydney. 

Join us in this exciting endeavour, and let’s highlight the best of Australian manufacturing innovation together. Nominate now and be part of the journey!