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1st May, 2024

The new MYOB Business experience is coming to you

Starting today, MYOB Business is getting a makeover to make it easier to understand and use.

We’ve listened to customer feedback and we’re making MYOB Business more user-friendly and intuitive. 

We’re also updating the language in MYOB Business to use less financial jargon and accounting terms and replacing them with more natural words you’re familiar with.

You’ll see this in some menus, page names and buttons.

For example, instead of ‘setting up a bank feed’, you’ll ‘connect your bank account to MYOB’.

Emma Fawcett, MYOB general manager for SMEs, says the update will make using MYOB a “less daunting prospect” for small businesses.

“Many of our customers, particularly accountants and bookkeepers, are extremely financially literate, but that’s not always the case with small business owners themselves,” she says.

“So we have replaced some of the more technical terms with user-friendly terminology and made it easier for them to use the platform.

“Most small business owners don’t chase their dreams because they love doing the books. We want to help them reap the benefits that a business management platform can provide, without having to learn a whole new financial language.”

The features go live on Wednesday, May 1, to users of MYOB Business Lite and Pro, and the MYOB Business AccountRight Plus and Premier browser.

“The functionality itself has not changed and the solution continues to offer the best-in-class tools needed to run a small or medium sized business,” Emma says.

See the changes in action

We’ve put together a walkthrough of some of the in-product changes to get you started. 

MYOB Business and AccountRight product updates

Less jargon, more clarity

We’ve upgraded the interface, replacing technical jargon with user-friendly terms to make your journey smoother than ever.

Not everyone is an accountant, so we’re updating MYOB Business with more familiar words.

Some of the bigger changes are:

  • Account name will become Category name
  • Allocate will become Categorise
  • Inventory will become products and services
  • In tray will become uploads

Click here to view all of the changes

Introducing MYOB’s new vertical menu

We’ve updated the browser navigation to a new vertical menu — paired with simpler labels to make it even easier to find your way around.

The Help section has also had a revamp, with a new shortcuts feature added, allowing you to quickly navigate to the task you need. 

  • The navigation bar is now on the left-hand side. 
  • We’ve revamped the menu options and introduced a new ‘create’ section to make it quicker and easier to run your business. 
  • The help pop-up has been moved to the right hand-side. 
  • Clicking on your initials opens up the Business menu list where you can find My Account, App Marketplace and switching between business accounts. 
  • We’ve also added a new ‘shortcuts’ feature in the Help section, allowing users to quickly navigate to the task they need. 
MYOB AccountRight

You don’t need to do anything

There’s nothing you need to change or set up – MYOB Business will still work exactly the same.

These enhancements will be automatically rolled out to all MYOB Business and AccountRight users. There’s no need for any pre-update preparations — it’s hassle-free.

Just take some time to familiarise yourself with what’s changing. This will help you to keep working smoothly when the change happens.

Click here for a full rundown of the changes to both the navigation and language in MYOB Business.

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