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Some positive political noises

Politics is a funny game.  I’m not involved with any political party but as a part of my job I interact with politicians.  At times it seems like a secret society that interacts with and relies on the private sector for its existence, but exists

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4 ways to Trump up your marketing

We can’t change the fact that the phrase “President-elect, Donald Trump” is now an actual thing.

Nor can we change the fact that it’s an anagram for “Predetermined cult, old pants” (and it really is). …

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Official cash rate of Australia…Come on down!

After toughing it out through a year-long stretch of higher-than-average interest rates, business owners applauded November’s decision by the Reserve Bank to drop the cash rate by a quarter of a percent.

This second drop in Australia’s official interest rate, just 19 days out from Christmas,

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