Branding your business from the bottom up

14th January, 2015

So you’ve spent money on a visual identity check. You love your logo and you are happy with your business name. It’s time to get that brand out there, and it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. One of the most important things is to ensure that your visual identity is consistent across the board.

That means having the same font, colour and logo proportions at all times. Ensure you have the highest possible image resolution so that your logo comes across in quality. A graphic designer can be your best friend in getting all of this right. The more often people see your visual identity in a consistent way, the more power it gives to your brand.

Here are some suggestions that you can use as a checklist for where to show your brand.

Electronic office stationery

Ensure your business name, website address and logo appear on all things electronic, such as receipts, invoices, fax headers (does anyone still use these?), letterhead and email signatures. Most software offers the option to customise invoices and payment portals (such as PayPal) so that you can brand all your digital communications with your logo.

Social media

Have consistent imagery and photos if you have a personal profile. Some people like to change photos a lot, but I think it’s good to keep a consistent image — just make sure it’s a good one! A refresh every year or so is fine.


Your website needs to look like all your other marketing collateral for consistency. Don’t forget to incorporate your logo — it’s amazing how often they don’t appear on websites. Your website should also be in your corporate colours or colours that compliment your logo.


Whether it’s your car, your office or your virtual office, putting up your logo with your business name makes it stand out more. Try and keep the look consistent across banners, sandwich boards and other portable signage. Getting one person or company to design and print can assist with achieving better consistency.


Be bold and get your branding on uniforms such as vests, jackets, hats or aprons. Using your logo on a name badge can also make an impact at events and networking meetings.


Any letters, brochures, flyers, notepads, order forms, receipts, envelopes, carry bags, coffee cups, plates, serviettes and, of course, business cards should proudly display your consistent visual brand.

If you’re still in the process of developing your brand identity, keep these logo design tips in mind:

  • If you have text such as your business name or tagline with a logo, ensure the text is still readable even when the logo is sized down to fit in a smaller space when needed.
  • Your logo should look good in full colour and in black and white.
  • If your logo is horizontally long and not compact, it may be helpful to have it designed in a vertical orientation as well (without changing the overall look) so you can adapt it for various needs and still be consistent.

The better your branding looks, the more you will want to show it off on all your business materials!