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Reviewing and approving a tax return

Before you send a tax return to a client, you or someone in your practice needs to review and approve it. This process updates the status of the tax return from In progress to Ready for client review. It also displays the Send to client button that lets you send the tax return to your client.

If you're a sole practitioner or if you're the only one preparing, reviewing and approving the tax return, you'll still need to review and approve the tax return so you can access the Send to client button.

When you get started with MYOB Practice tax, we recommend that you review and understand the automatic checks, or validations, that happen on a tax return. Familiarising yourself with the validation messages will ensure that you cover everything you need to in your review process. There may even be some things you no longer need to manually check, because it's covered by validations. Or there may be some things that aren't covered by the validations, that you need to add to your checklist. Review all the displayed tax validation messages.

In the tax return, the Validate button is located on the top of the tax return. Once the tax return has been validated, a section with the validation messages is created and displayed.