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Filing tax returns using Inland Revenue gateway services

Inland Revenue decommissioned the E-file filing system on 16 April 2021, replacing it with the new gateway filing services. This means that you only can file tax returns using the gateway services after 16 April 2021.

Filing tax returns using gateway services

To file returns using gateway services, you'll need to use your myIR credentials, instead of your E-File logon details. Each staff member using gateway services will need their own myIR logon, so you might need to set up unique myIR logins for staff that don't already have one.

See the Inland Revenue website for more information on how to set up myIR logons for your staff.

Restricting staff from filing tax returns

The ability to file tax returns is based on each user’s level of access in myIR.

myIR page showing logons with different levels of access selected

Staff members must have either Full account access or File access in myIR to file returns on behalf of your practice.

If a staff member has Read only or None access, they’ll receive the message You aren’t permitted to access this when attempting to file a tax return in MYOB Practice.

The error message "You aren't permitted to access this" below the Filing response information

You can restrict filing access to staff members by client list. For example, some staff might be able to file tax returns for a clients on one client list, but not for clients on another client list.

To manage access levels for your staff, log into myIR as an Administrator and go to Manage agency > Manage staff logons.

For more information on different access levels in myIR and how to apply them, download IR's Manage agency guide.