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Setting up an agency

To set up a new agency, you'll need to add the agency to your Agency settings in MYOB Practice and then link the agency to MYOB. Linking an agency to MYOB lets us download Inland Revenue data for clients on the client list.

If you have an agency with multiple client lists, you'll need to add the agency again, for each client list.

Agency details page

Renewing your myIR credentials

You'll need to renew your myIR credentials from MYOB Practice if they change, or expire because you haven't logged in for a while. This is so that you can continue to download IR transactions and file tax returns for clients linked to that agency. If you need to renew your myIR credentials, we'll display the following alert when you link a client or file a tax return.

Alert reading 'We can't file your return with Inland Revenue because the myIR credentials expired. Renew myIR credentials.'

To resolve this issue, all you need to do is go to the Agency details in your practice's Settings, and click Renew myIR credentials.