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Permissions for tax access management

As an Administrator in MYOB Practice, you can use permissions to manage which users perform some tax tasks. These tax permissions are in addition to the other permissions you can assign. You need to enable the tax permissions you want to use.

Tax permissions and tasks


Enable tax permissions to choose which users that can do the task:

  • Compliance administration – file tax returns

  • Compliance approval – unlock and approve tax returns

  • Data reconciliation – work with transactions in a compliance data reconciliation

  • Send tax notices – send tax notices and mark the tax notice as sent

  • Tax notice approval – unlock and approve tax notices.

Unless your practice has enabled the restricted permissions for those tax-related tasks, all users will have permission to do these tasks.

The ability to file tax returns is also based on each staff member’s level of Inland Revenue’s guide. If a staff member has Read only or None access in myIR, they’ll receive the message You aren’t permitted to access this when attempting to file a tax return in MYOB Practice.

Alert reading 'You aren't permitted to access this' below the Filing response area

To review the access of users, log in to myIR and go to Manage staff logons. See also Inland Revenue’s guide to managing user access and client list access security.

Enabling permissions for tax tasks


As an Administrator, you can turn on restricted permissions for tax tasks. If you turn on the restricted permissions, only the user you give roles to will be able to complete the tasks. Before you can select the users who will have access, you'll need to turn on the restrictions.

You can turn off these restrictions at any time. If you turn them off, all users will be able to lodge, unlock and approve tax returns.

  1. On the left side of MYOB Practice, select Settings (the cog).

  2. Under Access management, select Permissions.

  3. Select the row of the permission.

  4. In the panel on the right, click Edit permission.

  5. Select Restrict permission.

  6. Click Save.

After you've turned on both permission restrictions, all users except Practice administrators will be restricted from lodging, unlocking and approving returns.

The Administrator can start giving access to other users. Follow the steps for assigning permissions.