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Adding or removing users in MYOB Practice

The way you assign users depends on whether you use MYOB AE/AO or not.

MYOB AE/AO users

To create a user if you use AE/AO or delete a user if you use AE/AO, follow the steps in the Practice Manager help.

You can use MYOB Practice to view your users only. In MYOB Practice, on the left panel, click Settings (the cog) and choose Users.

MYOB Practice users without MYOB AE/AO

Practice administrators can add other users, and then control access to certain features. For example, applying permissions to perform certain tasks, restrict users access to a client, or give users access to a client.

Early Access Program (EAP) changes

We're working on improvements to your user management experience. If you're not on the EAP program for user access permission updates, there may be slight differences between these instructions and what you see in MYOB Practice before we roll out the changes to everyone.

For example, on the EAP program, items labelled "staff" have become "user" and items labelled "roles" have become "permissions".

Create a my.myob account


You only need to create a my.myob account if you're not part of the EAP for user permission updates.

Create a my.myob account for your users before adding them in MYOB Practice.

Before you begin, make sure you have a my.MYOB account and you're the Practice administrator or primary contact of the practice. If you don't have a my.MYOB account, click the Help button (?) in the left menu bar of MYOB Practice and select Log a support call.

  1. Sign in to my.MYOB and go to My Account > Manage Practice Users.

  2. Click Create New User.

  3. Enter the user's details and assign their permissions.

  4. Click Create.

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      If you're creating a my.MYOB account and you see an error saying the user already has a my.myob account, you can't create another account for the user. Try adding them as an MYOB Practice user.

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      If you don’t see the Manage practice users page in my.myob and you're an MYOB Practice administrator or primary contact of the practice, if there are other practice administrators who have access to the page, ask them to change your account's permissions.

      If no one else in your practice can access the Manage practice users page in my.myob, click the Help button (?) in the left menu bar of MYOB Practice and select Log a support call.

Add an MYOB Practice user


You need to be a Practice administrator to be able to add users to MYOB Practice.

  1. On the left of MYOB Practice, click Settings (the cog) and choose Users.

  2. Click Invite user on the top right of the page.

  3. Enter the user's email and click Check email. MYOB Practice checks if the user already exists.

  4. If the user doesn't exist, complete the additional fields that are displayed for entering the user's name and job title.

  5. If you want to restrict or expand what the user can do, select a permission.

  6. On the top right of the page, click Send invite. The user will receive a welcome email.

If you have any issues when following these steps, click the Help button (?) in the left menu bar of MYOB Practice and select Log a support call.

Delete an MYOB Practice user


  1. On the left of MYOB Practice, click Settings (the cog) and choose Users.

  2. Select the user you want to remove.

  3. Click Delete user.