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Selecting Partner Program reward preferences

Different tiers of the MYOB Partner Program give you access to different rewards in the form of a commission or discount on your MYOB Business subscription purchases.

You can change whether your reward is the wholesale discount or the commission. You can also update your business and bank details used for receiving the commission.

Make sure you understand the details of how these benefits work by reading the MYOB Partner Program Terms and Conditions.

Select your reward preferences


You can change how you'd like to receive your reward or whether you'd like to pass the reward on as a discount to your clients.

You need to be the primary contact and the Practice administrator.

  1. On the left of MYOB Practice, click Practice (stack of three boxes).
    In the Overview page, you can see your current reward preference.

    Partner Hub Overview page with the rewards 10% Commission highlighted
  2. In the Your rewards section, click Change reward. You may need to scroll down to see this section.

    Your rewards section showing Commission 10% selected and the Change reward button highlighted

  3. In the Your status rewards page, select either:

    • Discounted MYOB subscriptions and click Save, or

    • Commission for your practice (ABN required), complete the ABNAccount nameBSB and Account number fields and click Save.

      Your status rewards page with reward and commission payment options

    Next time you create an online file, you'll be able to choose if your practice or client will pay for the subscription. If you choose My Client – the cost of the software you refer to your client will show the relevant discount based on your Partner Program tier.

If your practice is paying for an existing client file subscription, you can change the payer from your practice to your client.

Set up a payment profile

  1. In MYOB Practice, click Settings on the left of the page.

  2. Click Payment profile.
    In the My practice will pay for my client's product page, select the appropriate Payment profile from the drop-down.

  3. Read and accept the terms and conditions.

    If you have any queries or the option you want is not available, contact your partner manager.

  4. Click Save changes.