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Assign staff to clients

If you use MYOB AE/AO, you'll only be able to use MYOB Practice to see and find the staff who have been assigned to clients. To change which staff are assigned to a client, you'll need to change their responsibilities in AE/AO.

After you've created a client in MYOB Practice, you can assign the staff who are responsible for them. This makes it easier for staff to find and focus on their clients and to find out who is responsible for each client.

You can assign staff to three different levels of responsibility for the client:

  • staff member

  • partner

  • manager.

To assign staff to a client


This information only applies if you have both MYOB Practice without MYOB AE/AO. See how to assign staff in AE/AO.

Before you can assign staff to a client, you need to add your staff members as MYOB Practice users.

To assign staff, you'll need to edit the client's details:

  1. Go to Contacts > Contacts list.

  2. Search for the client or contact that you want to assign a staff to.

  3. Select their row to open the client details panel on the right.

  4. In the client details panel, click Edit ().

  5. Scroll down to the Responsibility section. From here, you can assign a staff member who is responsible for the client's work.

  6. Select:

    • Assign a partner

    • Assign a manager

    • Assign staff member.

      You can assign multiple staff members to a client, but only one manager or partner can be assigned per client. Click Assign staff member again to add another staff member.

  7. Select the staff that will be responsible for the client from the drop-down list. The staff's name will appear in the Responsibility section.

    To unassign a staff member, click the little cross icon.

  8. Once all staff members are assigned, click Save.

    You can also filter staff members on:

    • Tick

      Client files – to view files that are assigned to the selected staff member

    • Tick

      Compliance (AU | NZ) – to view the partner and staff member assigned to clients.

To find the clients assigned to staff


Are your clients or staff not showing up in MYOB Practice? Check that you've turned on syncing from AE/AO.

  1. Go to Contacts > Contacts list.

  2. In the PartnerManager and Staff Member drop-down, select the name of the staff that is responsible for the client. You can select multiple filters.
    All the clients and contacts will be listed.

You can also filter to see the staff members assigned to clients in Client files and Compliance (AU | NZ).