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2022 tax compliance changes

What's new in tax 2022

Find out all you need to know about changes to tax compliance in 2022. Learn about what's changed, how to complete certain tasks, and where to find more information.

Rollover data

Tax return data

  • If you had a 2021 return for your client on 31 March, a tax return entry with a Not started status for this year is automatically created for the client. You can click anywhere in the Not started entry row to roll over details from the 2021 return to the 2022 return.
    You still have the option to add 2022 returns manually with the Add new button as before, but this method doesn't roll over data.

    Learn more about the data that does and doesn't roll over from the previous tax year.

Compliance settings

  • The AgencyReturn required and Extension in the Year-based compliance details section roll over from the previous tax year. The other year-based options will reset to the default. It's a good idea to check all compliance settings before you start a tax year. You can edit the settings.

  • In the Year-based compliance details section, in the See details for year options, you can select 2023 to view and edit 2023 year-based compliance settings.
    Learn more about Compliance settings.

Tax changes

Free MYOB webinar

The tax webinars have ended for 2022. 
Discover how to navigate the new IR tax changes and all the ways MYOB Practice Tax updates make EOFY easier in our live product demonstrations and Q&A sessions.

Tips for completing fields

The Government subsidy field has some changes in 2022. For some tips on completing this field and others in different return types, see Tips for completing fields.

Tax guides from IR

View and search for forms and guides on the IR website for more help with completing tax returns.