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Deleting a customer payment

When you delete a customer payment, it's removed from the invoice it was applied to. If the invoice was closed, it becomes an open invoice again.

Once you delete a payment, you can't undo it. If the payment has been matched or reconciled, you'll need to redo the match or reconciliation.

To delete a customer payment

  1. Open the invoice the payment was applied to (Sales menu > Invoices > click the invoice). Need help finding an invoice?

  2. In the Activity history at the bottom of the invoice, click the reference number for the payment you want to delete.

    Activity history with invoice payment reference number highlighted

    If the invoice was paid using a customer credit, click the reference number for the applied credit.

    Credit reference number highlighted

  3. Click Delete.

    Payment record with delete button highlighted

  4. At the confirmation message, click Delete. If you've deleted the application of a credit, the credit will now be available to refund or be applied to another invoice. Learn about Processing customer returns.