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Managing your MYOB account

When you purchase an MYOB subscription, or you're invited to access another person's online MYOB software, you'll be prompted to set up an MYOB account. You'll need an MYOB account to access My Account and my.MYOB, where you can manage your subscription and business details.

Sign into your MYOB account

When you're prompted to sign in to your MYOB account, you'll need to enter the email address and password you specified when you set up your MYOB account.

myob sign in window

You'll use these same details to access My Account or sign in to your online files. You might also need to provide them when using bank feedspaying super (Australia only), or using another AccountRight online service.

I'm having trouble signing in


If you've forgotten your password, click the Forgotten your password? link on the sign in window.

If there's been too many unsuccessful login attempts, your MYOB account will be locked. You'll also receive an email advising how to unlock your account.

For additional troubleshooting, see If you can’t sign in.

Manage your MYOB subscription in My Account

You can manage your MYOB account by signing into My Account ( It's your self-service portal where you can:

  • View or change your MYOB subscription and payment details

  • Change business address details

  • Change business name

  • Change contact name

  • View or pay your MYOB invoices

  • Cancel your MYOB subscription

Note that some account changes, such as updating your subscription or credit card details, require you to be the primary account contact for your MYOB subscription. This is typically the person who set up your MYOB subscription.

For all the details, see Your MYOB subscription and payment details

Reset your security in My Account

You can also reset your account security in My Account. This includes:

  • Changing your sign-on password

  • Switching your 2FA method, for example, from email to app or SMS

  • Setting up 2FA on a new phone

  • Viewing or regenerating a recovery code

Manage your software and users in my.MYOB

You may have previously used my.myob to manage your MYOB account, and we're moving many of these functions to My Account.

Until we put the finishing touches on My Account, there are still some things you can only do via the my.MYOB website.

To sign in, visit the my.MYOB website for your country. In Australia go to or in New Zealand, head to

Once you're signed into my.MYOB, here's what you can do:

Download software, updates and upgrades


The most recent software available for you to download is shown when you sign into my.MYOB.

my.MYOB - logged in

If the software you need isn't listed, or you're after an older version of AccountRight, go to the My Products menu and choose Downloads.

Select your product from the drop-down list and all software you're entitled to download and install will appear. Click the installer file to download the installer and click the update instructions for detailed steps on installing.

my.MYOB - downloads

You can also download older software versions from

Invite someone to access your file


If your file is online and you want to give someone access to your file or remove their access, you can do this in my.MYOB.

Note that if your file is not online, you might still need to invite others to access your file information if you use services like bank feeds or Pay Super.

Sign into my.MYOB, go to the My Products menu and choose Manage AccountRight Live.

Manage online access page

From this page you can also resend an invitation or cancel it.

Note that you can also invite users from your AccountRight software if your file is online - see Invite a user to an online file.

Add and manage bank feeds


You can add or cancel a bank feed for a bank account or credit card directly from my.MYOB.

Sign into my.MYOB, then go to My Products menu and choose My Products. If you have more than one serial number, select the applicable one.

Click the Bank Feeds option and then select whether you want to add a bank or credit card feed for the company file.

My products page - Add a bank feed

If you have already set up a bank feed, you'll have the option to cancel the feed - see Manage bank feeds.

You can also set up bank feeds using your AccountRight software - see Set up bank feeds.

Change business ownership or details

If your business is changing, you need to update the registered licence for your MYOB software or transfer it, by filling in a change of details form. You would do this if:

  • the business has changed its name

  • the ownership of the business has been transferred

  • the business been liquidated (either by court order or voluntarily), or

  • the business owner has changed their legal name or email address.

Download and complete the change of details form (Australia | New Zealand) and then email it, along with any required documentation, to the email address at the bottom of the form.

You may also need to update the relevant government authorities of changes to business details. See Australia: | New Zealand:

Need some help?

If you need help accessing or managing your MYOB account, contact us and we'll lend a hand.