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Activate a company file

Using AccountRight v19 or AccountEdge?

If you're using an older MYOB product, like AccountRight v19 or AccountEdge, there's a new way to activate and confirm your company files. For all the details see Activating and confirming older MYOB products.

Activating a company file is a one-off task, and AccountRight will prompt you to do it. It ensures you're using a legitimate copy of our software to record your business data. Learn more about activation and why it's necessary.

You don’t need to activate company files created online or if you're using the file for learning or testing. (Did you know AccountRight has sample company files you can play with?)

If a new company file isn't activated within 30 days, it'll become read-only. This means you won't be able to enter new data. You'll only be able to view, print and export existing information.

How many files can I activate?

If you're using AccountRight Basics, Standard or Plus you can activate one company file. For AccountRight Premier you can activate two company files.

Purchase additional company files by calling us (numbers and times listed above).

For pricing details, check our website (click the FAQs tab here: Australia  |  New Zealand).


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