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Setting up payday filing

Payday filing lets you file employment information to Inland Revenue (IR) each time you process a pay. For all the details on payday filing and your obligations, visit the IR website.

Before you can submit employment information to IR for payday filing, you'll need to get set up. It only takes a few minutes (we kid you not), and all you need is your business's IRD number and your myIR login.

What if I've recorded pays before setting up?

You’ll need to get that information to IR. You can do this by either deleting the pay then reprocessing it (after setting up payday filing), or manually entering the pay run information into myIR.

Before setting up

There are a few things you'll need to check before setting up payday filing.

  • Make sure you've got a myIR account for your business. Learn how to get one on the IR website.

  • Have the IRD number for your business handy.

  • Add all employees into MYOB and myIR. Employees must have the same name and details in both places to ensure they can be matched.

Who can set up payday filing?

The owner of the business's myIR account (this could be the business owner) should set up payday filing for the business. You can delegate someone to set up on your behalf – see Delegate others to submit payday filing - NZ.

Once the business is set up, each person submitting employment information to IR must authorise MYOB to submit on their behalf.

Let's get started

To set up payday filing:

  1. Go to Payroll > Payday filing.

  2. Read the overview information, ensuring you know:

    1. your business's IRD number

    2. your login details for myIR

  3. Click Get Started.

    Overview of payday filing setup

  4. Check that the Business IRD number shown is correct. Remember, this is your business's IRD number, not your personal IRD number. If the number is wrong:

    1. Click Update now to display your MYOB business details.

    2. Change the IRD Number/GST Number.

    3. Click Save.

    4. Go back to Payroll > Payday filing, and begin the setup again.

  5. At the Authorise MYOB step, click Confirm and authorise to open the myIR login page.

    Connect to payday filing screen with confirm and authorise button highlighted

  6. Enter your myIR user ID and password and click Login. Once the connection is complete, you'll see this confirmation screen:

    Payday filing setup complete screen

What now?

After you've set up payday filing, you're good to go. Each time you process a pay, you’ll send your employment information directly from MYOB to IR. You can also click Go to payday filing in the confirmation screen shown above to check your submissions, or by going to Payroll > Payday filing. Learn more about Payday filing statuses - NZ.