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Reprinting or resending pay slips

You'll be prompted to generate pay slips when you do a pay run, but you can reprint or resend them at any time.

If you need to change default pay slip email details, like the reply-to address, subject line or message, you need to change these in Payroll settings (click the settings menu (⚙️) > Payroll settings > Pay slip email defaults tab).

To reprint or resend pay slips

  1. Go to the Payroll menu and choose Pay runs.

  2. Click the Date of payment for the pay run which contains the pay slip you're looking for.

    Can't find the pay run?

    Change the date range using the Payment from and Payment to fields.

  3. To resend a pay slip, select the employee and click Email pay slips.

  4. To reprint or save a pay slip, click View PDF for the pay slip you want. The pay slip displays in a new window where you can save or print it.

Personalise your pay slip emails

If you haven't already, add your own touches to the pay slip emails you send your employees on pay day. Just click the settings menu (⚙️) > Payroll settings Pay slip email defaults.