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Connect your e-commerce to MYOB with Amaka

If you sell online, you now have the ability to sync your online sales data into MYOB Business by connecting with Amaka.

Amaka integrates with a range of e-commerce providers such as Shopify, Bigcommerce, Squarespace, WooCommerce and eBay, as well as POS providers such as Square and Vend. This enables you to sync your online sales, payment and tax information from these providers into MYOB Business daily. 

Amaka also updates your stock-on-hand data in MYOB Business through its Inventory Sync feature (only available with the Amaka's Shopify + MYOB integration). 

These integrations allow you to sell through multiple channels with a central record of sales in MYOB Business.

How it works

Amaka offers a number of data sync features:

Easily reconcile customer payments

Automatically sync data from your POS or e-commerce provider into MYOB daily via bank feeds, fast-tracking your reconciliation process. To get the full benefits of automated reconciliation, set up rules to identify your customer payments and match or allocate them in MYOB Business.

Already have online sales? No problem, with Amaka you can back-date your data synchronisation and generate sales summaries for your previous online sales.

Get e-commerce performance insights

Make informed decisions by using MYOB Business sales reporting to assess the performance of your online business. Your reports use up-to-date data synced daily from Amaka's integration.


Get unlimited support from Amaka’s 5-star rated Integration Experts.

Schedule a 30-minute session with Amaka’s CPA-trained, MYOB certified support team for onboarding and ongoing assistance. Support channels extend from personalised Zoom sessions, live chats and help desk ticketing.


Amaka’s integrations are typically offered under a freemium pricing model (the first integration and some basic features are free to use, additional integrations and advanced features are available for a fee).

For premium integrations, Amaka offers a 7-day free trial - allowing you to find a solution that fits your need before committing to purchase.

Note: the following Amaka integrations are offered completely free-of-charge given Amaka’s commercial partnership with the app providers: Square, Foodbomb, Vend and Dash.

Get started

Learn more about connecting Amaka with your MYOB Business. When you're ready to start your free integration, you'll be guided through setting it up.

We recommend you create products you intend to sell online in your e-commerce platform, especially if you have variants of products (for example, different colours or sizes). If you add products in Shopify, you can track the sales of these variants:

When you create products in Shopify, they're added to MYOB Business inventory at the next data synchronisation. If you're using Inventory Sync (Shopify + MYOB only), Amaka will try to match Shopify Products to those in MYOB Business. If the Inventory Sync can't find a match, it will create a new product in MYOB Business for tracking its stock-on-hand.