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About Amaka

Connect your favourite platforms to MYOB with daily, automated syncing, saving hours every month on data entry and bank reconciliation.

Whether you're selling in store or online, Amaka ensures you have control over how all your transaction details from selected providers, including Shopify, BigCommere and many more, are synced into your MYOB platform and mapped to the appropriate accounts - allowing for a seamless, lightning-fast reconciliation process.

How it works

The integration will run a scheduled sync on a daily basis, capturing a summary of your previous day’s orders data from your favourite ecommerce, point-of-sale or marketplace platform into MYOB generating an invoice. This flexible solution will allow you to customise your sales summary view choosing from a wide array of formats from product to category.

Further to the above, capture the costs of goods associated with the days sales. The integration will create a manual journal for all sales and refund events, helping you keep track of the business’ profitability.

Key features

  • Sync all sales data from your e-commerce or POS system, including fees, surcharges,
    refunds, and more, to MYOB

  • Range of customisation capabilities including account mapping, sales summary views
    and more

  • Catch up on your books with historical sync, back sync up to 12-months of data

  • Transactions from your e-commerce platform are automatically matched to the bank
    feed for lightning-fast reconciliation

  • Choose from 2-Minute Express, Advanced or Guided setup options

  • Unlimited, 24/7 support from our MYOB-certified and CPA-trained team of Integration

Historical Sync

Back-date your sync and generate one sales summary invoice for each day in the past.

Get unlimited support from our 5-star rated team of integration experts

Book a 30-minute session with our CPA- trained support team whenever you need. From the activation stage through to technical assistance throughout the usage, leverage from our 24/7 support function.

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About Amaka

Amaka is recognised as the gold standard in accounting integrations and automation. It is trusted by vendors and users in the global market as a result of the seamless, reliable and flexible integrations built by accounting professionals where manual encoding of transactions are no longer required. Amaka brings simple-to-set-up and affordable enterprise-level accounting automation tools for small-to-medium businesses thanks to its unique integration technology and support model.

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