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Welcome to MYOB Business

MYOB Business helps you run your business and get a clear view of how it's performing. 

It comes with all the tools you need to start working, but there’s a few things you may need to do to tailor it to your business needs. These tasks vary depending on the features that you use (like payroll). We've picked out a few of the more relevant tasks and we'll guide you through them. You can do these at your own pace whenever you're ready and you don't have to do them all at once. 

Start with the checklist on your Dashboard

Open MYOB Business and follow the onscreen checklist on your Dashboard. The tasks you'll see are tailored to your subscription. If you need help, click the tiles below for more information:

Top tips for working smarter

  • Tick

    Bookmark MYOB Business sign-in:, so it's there for you every day.

  • Tick

    When you sign in, check the Up next section of your Dashboard for tasks you need to do.

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    Create transactions and other things using the Create menu.  

  • Tick

    Automate your reconciliation by connecting your bank account

  • Tick

    Pre-fill the details in bills and expenses by uploading documents.

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    Give your customers an easy way to pay you, using online invoice payments

Customise MYOB Business for your needs

There’s a lot you can do already, but if you want MYOB Business to reflect the way you prefer to do business, you should set some preferences and options. Here’s some things you might want to change. 

If you have an accounting advisor, payroll officer or other staff, consider inviting them into your MYOB Business to help you complete your setup.

Choose how to communicate with customers and suppliers


Maintain good relations with customers and suppliers and keep your communications looking professional. Set up your business communications to reflect your business's brand:

Set up how you buy and sell


Use invoices to track what you sell to customers and use bills to buy from suppliers. Keep track of what you owe and what you’re owed.

Easily match money in and out in your bank feeds against the invoices and bills you’ve entered in MYOB Business.

Tailor MYOB Business to your business structure and accounting needs


Your business and accounting details should reflect the nature of your business. They include your organisation's name, contact details, list of categories (your chart of accounts), financial year info and GST settings. Some of these details will appear on your business documents, including invoices and statements.

You might have entered some business details when you purchased MYOB Business, like your organisation's name and contact details. If you need to add more details or change what's there, a user with Administrator access can do it at any time.

If you're not sure about any of these tasks, talk to your accounting advisor before making any changes.

Add your team as users in MYOB Business


Users are the people who work in your MYOB Business file, including your staff and accounting advisor. Assign roles and permissions to control what information they see and what tasks they can do. 

Get ready to pay your employees


Before you can start doing pay runs for your employees, there are a few setup tasks you'll need to do. This makes sure your pays are correct and you stay on top of your reporting obligations.

Run your business with MYOB 

Now that you've set things up to suit you, start working with the main areas of MYOB Business:

  • Sales – sell products and services to your customers and keep track of what you're owed.

  • Purchases – buy what you need from your suppliers and stay on top of what you owe. 

  • Banking – keep track of the money going into and out of your bank accounts.

  • Payroll – make sure your staff are paid correctly and on time.

  • Inventory – track what you buy, manufacture, store, use and sell. 

  • Contacts – store information about, and keep in touch with, the people and businesses you deal with.

  • Reports – gain valuable insight into your business and comply with ATO and IR reporting requirements like BAS and GST returns.

Get more help

There are lots of resources that can help you learn about and make the most of MYOB Business:

  • Help where you need it. At the top right of any MYOB Business page, click the question mark  to open the help panel. You'll see info relating to the MYOB page you're on, without having to leave your software.

  • When you need more detailed information, go to MYOB Business online help

  • Learn at your own pace. Take advantage of our online self-paced training courses and other training options.

  • Got a question? Ask other MYOB users for help in the community forum.

  • Chat with support. Click the chat bubble at the bottom of any page and our virtual assistant MOCA can connect you to our support team.

  • Submit a support request. Log in to My Account and click Contact support. Let us know what help you need, and we’ll get back to you via email.