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Invite a user to an online file

This topic is for files that are online using the latest AccountRight version. If your company file isn't online, see Add a user to an offline file.

You need to set up and invite anyone you'd like to access your online company file. You can invite as many users as you like including people who work for your business, such as sales staff and payroll officers, and people who work outside your business, such as your accountant, bookkeeper, and financial advisor.

Before users can access your online company file, they'll need AccountRight installed on their computer and an MYOB account. Instructions for both these things are included in their invitation. Also, as sharing access is included in your AccountRight subscription, the users you invite won't need their own subscription to access your file.

You can set up two types of access:

  • Online file user—a file user can access any of the online company files they've accepted an invitation to use. This is the level of access you'd grant most of your users, who just need to work with the one file, or who need access to the Pay Super or bank feeds features.

  • Online administrator—an online administrator can work with any company file that's listed under the owner’s software serial number. In addition to this, an online administrator can: