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Set up roles

Roles are used to control access to windows and functions in AccountRight. For example, if you have a salesperson on the team that you only want to be able to enter invoices, perform sales related tasks and view customer information, you can assign them the default Sales role. However, by default, they won't be able to delete, reverse or edit sales. If you want to allow your sales staff to change transactions, you'll need to customise the role.

If you want to give someone access to all features, assign them the Administrator role.

User Access Manage Rolls window

Want to allow users to edit or delete transactions? By default, only users assigned the Administrator or Accountant/Bookkeeper role can change preferences or edit and delete transactions. If you want to allow your users to change preferences or delete and reverse transactions (for example, to create a credit note), you'll need to customise the default role.

To see what each role's current permission are, click the Manage Roles tab in the User Access window. Select a role name in the left column, then click through the tabs to see what's been selected.

To view the list of default role settings, click here.