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Default user roles

The following tables list the windows and tasks in AccountRight that you can control access to by assigning roles. You can change the default roles if you want, or you can duplicate them and make your changes (right-click the default role and select Duplicate Role). 

Only the user with the Administrator user account can assign roles or change the default roles. See Manage users.

Manage Roles tab

Just as the Manage Users tab allows you to assign roles to users, the Manage Roles tab allows you to customise what functions each role has. Any change you make to a role affects anyone that has been assigned that role.

For example, if you wanted to restrict the access that someone with the Sales role has to Accounts functions, you would click Sales > Accounts and then select or deselect particular functions:

AR Manage Role Selection

The default roles already have relevant access settings set up, but you can easily customise these.

A great way to understand roles without affecting access for your current employees is to play with the Clearwater sample file, supplied with AccountRight. See Using the sample company file (Clearwater)