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Change login email address

Every user can view and edit their own user details. Users with Administrator access can also change the access level for any user. For more information about user access levels, see Users.

Need to change your MYOB subscription, invoices and payment details? You can change these in My Account.

To change your login email address

  1. Sign in to my.MYOB with your current email address and password (Australia | New Zealand).

  2. Go to the My Account menu at the top of the screen and choose Change Login.

  3. Update your login.

If you don't see the 'Change Login' option

A user with Administrator access will need to create a new user and specify the new email address. An invitation will then be sent to the new email address. Once the new login has been set up, the old user can be deleted.


How do I change or reset a password


If a user needs to change or reset their password, they can do it from the sign in screen.

  1. When prompted to sign in to MYOB, click Forgotten your password?

  2. Enter the email address that you use to sign in to MYOB, then click Continue. You'll be sent an email containing a code.

  3. Enter the Code (from the email you received).

  4. Enter a New password.

  5. Click Update password.