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Entering budget amounts

You can use the Prepare Budgets window to enter budget amounts for each month of the current or next financial year. If you want to quickly enter budget amounts for a group of months, you can use the Budget Shortcuts window. As the year progresses, you can choose to either adjust budget figures or leave them unchanged.

Entering positive and negative amounts

By default, the amount you enter will be assumed to be a positive amount. You can enter negative budget amounts—for example, to indicate an end of month balance change in balance sheet type accounts—by inserting a hyphen before the amount (for example, ‑250). When you enter a negative amount, you are indicating that the balance of the account is going to reduce.

Using existing data

If you have already prepared a budget in a spreadsheet or in other software, you can import that information into your company file - providing it's in the correct format. The easiest way to get this right is to import the information using a template. Create an import template by exporting budget information from AccountRight's sample company. The export file will be your template. Then open the exported file and replace the contents with your data, ready for importing. For more details, see Using an import template.

You can also use AccountRight's previous financial year’s data as a basis for your budget.

Budget FAQs