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How to use your template


Add your business details

Click on the 'About Me' tab and add your business details. You'll see that your information has been populated into the template under the 'Create Invoice' tab.


List your services and customers

Click on the 'Add Service' tab and list out your different services. Then, click on the 'Add Customer' tab and list out your customers and their details.


Add a new invoice

Click on 'Add Invoice' and on a blank row, give your invoice a number and fill out the customer name and service description from your lists. Add in the rest of the customer details.


Generate your invoice

Under 'Create Invoice', type in the invoice number of the invoice you'd like to create. This is the number in the first column of the 'Add invoice' tab. Now you have a perfectly formatted invoice.


Export the file

Save your invoice as a PDF to send it out to your customers. Alternatively, you can sign up to MYOB Business and upload your invoices to your software.


Send it off and repeat!

Time to send off your polished and professional invoice to your customer. Now that you know how to create a new invoice in seconds, you can repeat the process as many times as you like!

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All about invoices

What is an invoice?

An invoice is a digital or paper statement that clearly details how much a customer needs to pay for a good or service.

In New Zealand, if you have registered for GST, you should issue tax invoices when you sell goods or services. If the transaction is worth $50 or less (GST inclusive), you can provide a receipt instead. 

Why are invoices important?

Invoices are more than just a way for your customers to pay you. They also help manage your cash flow, track your time and understand your tax. 

Managing your cash flow

Invoices can show you patterns in your sales so you can see when people are buying certain products, and what products are selling best.

They can also flag financial challenges and help you prepare for them, like when sales drop or when customers aren't paying on time.

Tracking your time 

Invoices can help you track your time and set your prices. By including how long it takes to source, build or provide your products and services on your invoices, you can keep a track of what you spend your time doing – and then set your prices to reflect that.  

Including your time on invoices also helps to set expectations with your customers so that they know how time factors into the cost and what to expect in the future. 

Understanding your tax

Invoices can help you understand your tax obligations and manage your GST credits.

By storing and organising your invoices – both the ones you send to customers and any that you get from suppliers – you'll get a clearer idea of how much GST you need to pay and if you qualify for any GST credits. 

What should I include on an invoice?

On each invoice you need to include:

  • your business name
  • your customer’s name and address
  • the invoice number, date sent and due date
  • a description of the goods or services provided, eg date, quantity, rate and hours
  • the amount payable
  • payment details, eg your bank account or a credit card payment slip.

If you’re GST-registered, you also need to include:

  • your GST number
  • the words “tax invoice” in a prominent place
  • for supplies worth $50-$1,000, state GST is included in the amount payable
  • for supplies worth more than $1,000, either:
    • specify the amount charged, the GST added and the total amount payable, or
    • state GST is included in the amount payable.
For more information, check out the business finance basics.

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