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Partner Exclusive Offer: Buy 1 month, get a bonus 12 months on MYOB Business (for partners in New Zealand that have not referred MYOB Business since September 1st 2022) – Terms and conditions

A. Key Details

Eligible Customers


a member of the MYOB Partner Program based in New Zealand (including Partner, Certified Consultant, Bookkeeper, POS or Connected Account Programs) and customers who have started an application to become an MYOB Partner Program member;

who has not successfully referred or subscribed to an MYOB Business Product since 31 December 2022. A “successful referral” means a referral which resulted in a subscription to MYOB Business under the relevant partner’s “partner pays” account.

Eligible Products

a base subscription to “MYOB Business Pro”, “MYOB Business AccountRight Plus” or “MYOB Business AccountRight Premier”,.

“Base subscription” excludes Premium Features such as Payroll and Premium Inventory.


You will receive:

100% discount on the standard monthly subscription price for one Eligible Product for the balance of the Subscription Period, when you pay for the first month’s subscription fees upfront on either a “client pays” or “partner pays” basis (Eligible Product Discount); and

use of the Payroll Premium Feature for free for the first 30 days of your Eligible Product subscription (Payroll Discount).

The standard 30-day free period offered by MYOB does not apply in addition to this Offer.

Discount Period

For the Eligible Product Discount: means a 12-month period commencing on the first day of the second month of your subscription to an Eligible Product under this Offer; and

For the Payroll Discount: 30 days from the purchase-date of your Eligible Product subscription.

(collectively, Discount Period)

Subscription Period

means the period between the date you first subscribe to the Eligible Product under the Offer, until the end of the Eligible Product Discount (meaning that the maximum subscription period under this offer is a total of 13 months).

Offer Period

from 12 September 2023 until 5pm AEDT 31 March 2024.

B. Offer Conditions

Who is eligible for the Offer? The Offer is strictly limited to Eligible Customers.

When is the Offer available? The Offer is available during the Offer Period, unless otherwise varied by us.

How do you accept the Offer? To redeem the offer you must, during the Offer Period purchase an Eligible Product subscription by speaking with an MYOB sales agent and referencing the Offer; and if requested to do so, provide the Sales Specialist with relevant information (such as customer entity name, ABN (for AU customers) to set up the company data file. By redeeming this Offer, you agree that you have read and understood these Terms and agree to be bound by them.

What’s included in the Offer? Upon paying for the first month’s subscription, which may be invoiced on a pro rata basis determined by the day of the month you sign up, you will receive the Offer for the Discount Period.

Can I upgrade or downgrade within the Discount Period? Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade to any other Eligible Product within the Discount Period, and the Offer will be transferred to the base subscription for that other Eligible Product.

What happens at the end of the Discount Period?  At the end of the Discount Period, the cost of your Eligible Product subscription will automatically revert to your relevant MYOB Partner Program discount pricing. By giving us your credit or debit card details and agreeing to our Direct Debit Terms and Conditions, you acknowledge that the subscription automatically renews on a monthly basis and you authorise us to debit your credit or debit card the then-standard MYOB Partner pricing for your membership tier at the end of the Discount Period.

What’s not included in the Offer? The Offer only applies to the standard no-charge inclusions associated with an Eligible Product base subscription.This Offer does not apply to MYOB Business Payroll Only or Premium Features. Use of Premium Features may attract additional fees or charges which will not be subject to the discount in this Offer.

What are other conditions of the Offer?

A. The Offer cannot be applied retroactively for prior purchases.

B. The Offer is not available in conjunction with any other offer and is not transferable.

C. You can use the best offer available to you at a single point in time, but not a combination of offers at any point in time.

D. This Offer is available “one time only” during the Offer Period. Each Eligible Customer can redeem the Offer for a single Eligible Product subscription.

E. Your use of the Eligible Product remains subject to the Eligible Product’s Terms of Use.

F. MYOB Partner Program discount pricing is subject to change at any time. MYOB Partner Program discount pricing and standard general pricing is advertised on Any changes to the MYOB Partner Program discount pricing and/or standard general fees will be notified in accordance with the MYOB Partner Program terms and Eligible Product Terms of Use (as applicable).

G. If you accepted this Offer on an unsolicited sales call, this Offer is has a 10-day cooling-off period. You can terminate purchases made under this Offer within the 10-day cooling off period with a full refund.

C. General Conditions

1. MYOB Rights. We reserve the right to cancel any discounts provided to you under the Offer if:

you don’t comply with the Eligible Product’s Terms of Use or MYOB Partner Program terms; or

in our opinion you are trying to obtain benefits from the Offer that you are not reasonably entitled to.

2. Your Rights. The Offer does not replace or limit your statutory rights, including your rights under applicable consumer laws.

3. Changes. The Terms may be subject to change. We reserve the right to vary or withdraw the Offer at any time, but we will honour the Offer if you have accepted the Offer prior to its withdrawal or variation.

4. Governing Law. These Terms are governed and construed in accordance with the laws in force in the State of Victoria, Australia.

5. Definitions. Unless the context otherwise requires, in these Terms:

A. Discount, Discount Period, Eligible Customer, Eligible Product, and Offer Period each have the meaning given to them in the key details section.

B. MYOB, we, us, our means: MYOB NZ Limited (NZCN 902338).

C. MYOB Business Product means MYOB Business Pro, MYOB Business AccountRight Plus, MYOB Business AccountRight Premier.

D. Offer means this exclusive offer, which is offered to you by us under the Terms.

E. Terms means these terms and conditions.

F. You and your refers to the customer that is accepting this Offer under section 3; and is an Eligible Customer.

For more information on Partner Program membership see here.

Last updated December 2023