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Shipshape reporting for Marsden Maritime with Advanced

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Marsden Maritime Holdings’ diverse operations include managing tenants, developing property, operating a marina precinct at Marsden Cove and running a share-milking operation on their farmland. Their custom-built, legacy financial management system was holding them back. MYOB Advanced offered an unprecedented level of integration for improved reporting and time savings. 


Old system holding back growth

A publicly listed company and majority-owned by the Northland Regional Council, Marsden Maritime needed more from their reporting than your average organisation. They were also on a fast-growth trajectory, with a focus on diversification. Their existing software was old, antiquated and simply didn’t offer the functionality the company needed. It offered no integration, and report writing was particularly limited.

“It meant long hours creating reports in Excel, and there was also a risk of human error with that too,” explains Gavin.

It was also unsupported – only one person in New Zealand knew how it worked.

“If something happened to her, we’d have been in trouble.” 

"Report writing was very limited, so it meant long hours creating reports in Excel, and there was also a risk of human error with that too."

Faster and easier with perfect-fit functionality

Advanced had functionality that seemed to fit Marsden Maritime perfectly. With a cloud-based solution, Gavin’s small team avoided large capital expenditure, while futureproofing themselves.

“Now we’re always at the forefront of technology,” says Gavin. “MYOB Advanced also fits the team now, but it’s easy to scale.”

Advanced can easily handle real-time tracking of multiple development project costs. This used to be done manually – now it goes straight into the system.

“As soon as the invoices come in, they’re tracked so you know where you are. If you have timely information, you have better decision making,” Gavin explains. 

"Advanced fits the team now, but it’s easy to scale without any capital investment. We can just grow."

Reporting alone saves two working days a month

Gavin was impressed with MYOB Advanced’s flexibility in reporting, and how well the report writer integrates with other tools.

“It saves two working days in a monthly cycle, and requires far less manual formatting,” he says.

This has also given him and his team more timely access to information.

“It means you have a lot more oversight, so we can make better decisions,” says Gavin.

The integration has simplified the management of all the varied areas of the business.

“Being fully integrated, you’re not spread across different systems trying to pull everything together. It really suits us,” says Gavin.

"If we had to do it over, we would go with MYOB Advanced again. We’re happy – and I think my team would say that too."


  • Server-based with no remote access
  • Potential loss of data especially in emergency
  • Difficult to maintain and make changes
  • Difficult and expensive to keep up to date
  • Difficult to protect from automated security threats


  • Cloud-based solution with remote access
  • Data and information backed-up in cloud
  • Ability to code transactions to different departments
  • Overall view of organisation finance for management

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