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IHC turns to MYOB PayGlobal for payroll support

As the larger provider of services to people with disabilities in New Zealand, IHC has a massive amount of admin to process every day. Unfortunately, previous software wasn’t up to the task. They needed something better – that’s where MYOB PayGlobal steps in. Overall, PayGlobal helped IHC cut down on admin, printing and manual tasks – giving the business more time to do what it does best.



With over 50 offices nationwide, IHC New Zealand Incorporated is the largest provider of services to people with intellectual disabilities.

Employing approximately 10,000 people, IHC was unsatisfied with its previous payroll system and decided it was time to implement an in-house payroll solution.


Unreliable system

In 1996, after an extensive research of eight different payroll solutions, IHC chose Frontier’s CHRIS. IHC was never happy with the reliability of the system.

IHC wanted software suited to a large organisation that had a wide variety of services and frequently changing rosters. It also required a payroll system with flexibility and fluidity, allowing for the calculation of annual leave as well as easy-to-produce, detailed reports. Both aspects had been lacking in CHRIS.

"We were looking for a solution that could be truly in-house."

Choosing PayGlobal

The organisation discovered that all of the products it had researched in 1996 had not moved any further ahead, except for one – PayGlobal (now MYOB PayGlobal).

“We were looking for a solution that could be truly in-house and one that was leading edge in terms of functionality and flexibility.”

"We feel that we can go to them with an idea or suggestion at any time."

Clean bill of health

IHC implemented PayGlobal in October 2001 and immediately noticed the improvements. “When we did the first pay run we could see where we could save a huge amount of time using PayGlobal,” Wayne says.

“Usually, all of Thursday is spent printing our pay slips as well as printing, compiling and mailing out a series of reports to our managers. The printing of pay slips reduced by 20%.

“On top of this, the PayGlobal Report Scheduler allowed us to easily email our payroll reports to managers overnight, saving the time in printing and collating as well as the cost of sending out the reports.”

The customer service experience has been excellence, says Wayne. "With MYOB PayGlobal we feel that we can go to them with an idea or suggestion at any time and that they will respond to us immediately. 

"The printing of pay slips was reduced by 20%."


  • Previous payroll system was unreliable
  • Unable to correctly calculate annual leave
  • Difficult to produce detailed reports


  • Printing of pay slips reduced by 20%
  • Ability quickly handle roster changes
  • Ability to email pay slips reduced consumables

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