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The knowledge and power to set a new course for Compass.

At MYOB we understand the many complexities, problems and pains of running a large-scale business operation across two countries and throughout every state in Australia. Look no further than food services business Compass. While managing HR and payroll across multiple locations is a huge challenge, we have enabled Compass to streamline and rationalise processes, improve productivity and boost their bottom line.



Employing over 19,000 people in approximately 600 sites, Compass is one of Australia’s largest dedicated food service companies, operating on contracted client sites that vary from restaurants and sporting stadiums, to staff canteens on mine sites and defence premises. Its services are now available throughout Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, East Timor and Asia.


Too many processes were eating into productivity

Compass’s payroll department managed employees from multiple companies, each with separate databases and processed payroll from two departments, based in Sydney and Perth, which were faxed timesheets on a weekly basis from various employee sites across Australia. The Auckland office performed the same task for New Zealand. This laborious administrative process not only required several payroll staff to manually enter every timesheet into separate databases, but often resulted in data entry errors and reporting delays. Add to this, contrasting interpretations of over 100 State and Federal awards, EBAs and AWAs and you have a real challenge.

"MYOB PayGlobal has provided process improvements, cost savings and a central information repository that provides easy access to all HR/payroll related information."

Put together a menu of modules

MYOB PayGlobal addressed all challenges specific to Compass and initially installed Payroll and Time and Attendance modules to immediately improve the processing of timesheet information and reconciliation. As all of Compass’s sites were already PC and internet-enabled, MYOB PayGlobal’s simple timesheet entry tool allowed sites in very remote areas to submit their timesheet data with ease, along with the ability to interpret all of the various employee award conditions Australia-wide. Several other modules have now been integrated seamlessly into the existing system.

"One of the biggest advantages of choosing MYOB PayGlobal was its ability to interpret our various employee award conditions. This alone has saved our payroll department an astronomical number of hours per week in processing."

A revolution that just keeps on growing

Since implementing MYOB PayGlobal, Compass has revolutionised its payroll process and cut five Australian staff, now operating from one office in Perth. Compass has also recently employed a System Administration Manager and separated the payroll team into Transactional Payroll Processing and Payroll System Development, with the latter continuing to roll out the MYOB PayGlobal Rostering module functionality across the entire employee base. Elsewhere, MYOB PayGlobal Self-Service allows staff to manage their leave applications online and view their pay details, eliminating the need to print payslips, saving approx $200,000 in printing/consumables and postage.

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  • Different processes in different offices that couldn’t talk to each other
  • Lots of manual information inputting for timesheets
  • Separate databases throughout Australia and New Zealand


  • Revolutionised payroll process and reduced staff numbers by five
  • Self-Service expected to save the company approx. $200,000 in printing
  • Central information repository provides easy access to all HR/payroll

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