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Calder Stewart streamlines payroll processes with PayGlobal

03 June 2024

Read how Calder Stewart, a construction company with a staff of nearly 500, implemented MYOB PayGlobal to allow the business to get on with its best work.

Two construction workers in high-vis vests analyse a laptop screen on a construction site.

With a company history spanning nearly six decades, Calder Stewart has managed the trials of business growth. But being committed to quality meant finding a payroll system that would get out of the way and let the company do its best work. 

That meant finding a system that could produce accurate and detailed reports for a staff of nearly 500. MYOB PayGlobal was able to supply that solution – and give Calder Stewart the power it needs to continue doing business right. 

Multi-million dollar construction company

Calder Stewart started as a two-man operation in 1955 and has grown into a multi-million dollar construction company with 472 staff. With nearly 60 years in business, the New Zealand company has remained committed to strong values, sound practices and positive culture. 

Legacy payroll system: flawed

When Calder Stewart conducted a review of its payroll system, the company discovered numerous flaws. Bottlenecks in the process caused great frustration. Retrieving key employee information was a real challenge. Needless to say, the inefficient payroll system was in desperate need of replacement.  

MYOB PayGlobal: an easy choice

Calder Stewart had a long list of problems that needed solving. The company sought a solution that could easily integrate payroll and HR requirements – and it also had to be capable of providing accurate reports, legislatively compliant calculations and fully automated processing. 

At the end of the day, Calder Stewart selected PayGlobal (now MYOB PayGlobal). It was an easy choice as PayGlobal not only provided the integrated payroll process the company needed, but also the perfect time and attendance solution. 

“Right from the very beginning, everyone we dealt with at PayGlobal went above and beyond. They were fantastic, down to earth, practical and extremely thorough in ensuring our specific needs were met.” 

- Denise Cooper, Calder Stewart HR Manager.  

"PayGlobal was extremely thorough in ensuring our specific needs were met," she said. 

Large-scale results 

Calder Stewart now has streamlined payroll processes, saving the company both time and money. Folding and posting pay slips are now a thing of the past. These positive changes increased productivity because employees are now free to work on other HR projects. 

What’s more, it was quick and easy to correct any payroll errors, lessening the impact on employees and providing managers with accurate reporting. 

Before implementing MYOB PayGlobal

After implementing MYOB PayGlobal

Needed an integrated payroll and HR solution 

Problems accessing accurate business reports 

Processes were slow and flawed 

Intuitive, easy to use integrated solution 

50% savings on fees to previous payroll provider 

75% reduction in payroll administration and processing time 


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