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A move to the cloud rings true for Codecom

Established in 2006, Codecom has grown to be a leading supplier and manufacturer of cutting edge telecommunications equipment.



Codecom, with Melbourne and Queensland offices, covers a broad range of telco services for companies of all sizes. Whether it’s a commercial installation or creating connectivity solutions, Codecom covers everything from “hands-on” installation to back-end equipment and accessories supply.


Meeting demands and expectations

Codecom knows that when delivering the very latest global technology solutions and equipment to clients, you can’t afford to be anything less than leading edge.

Courtney Purcell, General Manager (Commercial) for Codecom, realised that running two platforms — MYOB AccountRight for accounting and Excel for logistics, invoices, quotes, etc. — was putting a strain on the business. As Purcell notes, “The way we were working had become inefficient”.

"We were looking for a solution that could be truly in-house."

Future proofing calls for cloud-based ERP solution

Given that the cost of purchasing and implementing a completely new business management system is significant, the team at Codecom carefully evaluated their options. After dismissing a number of products they contacted David Taylor at BusinessHub and after much consideration Codecom settled on MYOB Advanced.

Purcell explains, “The functionality of MYOB Advanced met our many needs including customer special pricing, advanced stock management, a customer portal as well as CRM”.

"The way we were working had become inefficient, with many functions being manual and time consuming."

Connecting with future success

Codecom’s move up to MYOB Advanced has been an unqualified success says Purcell. “Running every aspect of our business is 100% easier, particularly as we’ve really streamlined our processes and improved the accuracy of inventory and our customer pricing.”

With MYOB Advanced, Codecom now has many valuable insights into its business that were previously unknown. Things like customer buying patterns and back order visibility and fulfilments, which enable it to make more informed and agile business decisions.

With its ERP software now in the cloud, Codecom’s business has been transformed, with all team members having access to accurate information at their fingertips, anywhere, anytime. 

"Now that we’re cloud-based all aspects of our business are accessible everywhere, to the staff that need it."


  • Running two platforms across the business was becoming increasingly inefficient
  • Many functions were manual and time consuming
  • Limited visibility across the operations meant less informed business decisions


  • Cloud-based system allows team members to have accurate information at their fingertips
  • Business processes are now streamlined
  • Insights into inventory ensures accurate quoting and more satisfied customers

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