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Halpin Partners leaps into BAS cloud efficiency

24 May 2024

Read how this prominent accounting firm uses MYOB Practice to significantly speed up BAS preparation and cut down manual data entry.


When you’re managing a long list of clients that runs into the hundreds, core tasks like BAS preparation is a process you want to do as accurately and efficiently as possible.  

Halpin Partners is one of Far North Queensland’s largest independent accounting firms with clients across Queensland and Papua New Guinea.  


With a unique blend of expertise and experience, the firm helps businesses navigate the challenges of constant change. Its comprehensive services extend beyond accounting to business advisory, taxation, superannuation and business support, including payroll and bookkeeping. 

We spoke with client accountant Danielle Bradley about how shifting to cloud-based MYOB Practice has all but eliminated its manual processes around preparing BAS lodgements – and how the software lets it help more clients faster. 

An easy jump to the cloud 

Previously, Halpin Partners used MYOB’s desktop software, Accountants Enterprise, to manage its clients’ BAS data. As the client list continued to grow, so did the manual (and time-consuming) data entry. To help save time and minimise the manual workload, the firm migrated to MYOB Practice.  

Moving from desktop software to the cloud was a big change for the firm, but “fortunately, MYOB Practice is very user-friendly, and the MYOB team is always there to help,” says Danielle. 

Stress-free, streamlined BAS lodgements 

The shift to MYOB Practice has improved how Halpin Partners manages and submits BAS lodgements on behalf of its clients.   

MYOB Practice pulls each client’s information from the MYOB file and the ATO directly into the software, which the firm can send digitally to the client for review and approval.  

“Suddenly, there’s no need to worry about manual data entry or errors,” says Danielle. “The pre-filled information feature speeds up our procedures, making our whole operation smoother.” 

On top of the time saved, MYOB Practice’s Online Activity Statements give the firm a clear picture of each client’s BAS in one place. The firm can update client information from any location at any time and quickly view outstanding lodgements. 

It keeps everyone on the same page without any unnecessary back-and-forth.  

“Thanks to its intuitive interface and robust features, managing our clients’ BAS has become efficient and stress-free.”  

- Danielle Bradley, Client accountant, Halpin Partners

Boosting client success 

By switching to MYOB Practice, Halpin Partners has reallocated more time to higher-value tasks that help its clients achieve new growth.  


“We’ve strengthened our relationships with our clients and can do more of the work we enjoy,” says Danielle.  

The cloud-based platform also provides a bird’s-eye view of the team’s workload.  

“We can now monitor lodgement statuses by individual or team, which has improved our project management,” she reports. 

Embracing change with MYOB’s help 

As the firm explored the features and benefits of MYOB Practice, it tapped into all the support resources and training available through MYOB Academy.  Training modules and step-by-step demonstrations have proved invaluable for bringing new staff up to speed.

Even the seasoned pros at Halpin Partners are discovering new tricks to make the most of the MYOB system.  

“While it was difficult convincing people to change their long-standing work practices, the software has proven easy and intuitive. Everyone saw the benefit quickly.”   

For other practices considering a similar move, here’s Danielle’s advice: “I highly recommend exploring the features and benefits of the platform, utilising the support resources and training available, and embracing the change.  

“MYOB Practice simplified our BAS workflow – and it can do the same for you,” she says.   

Improvements since MYOB Practice  

  • Accurate and fast BAS lodgements – automated workflows lower the risk of BAS lodgement errors and eliminate manual processes.  

  • Cloud-based system – the team can access and update client information from anywhere at any time. 

  • Strong client relationships – the Halpin team can focus on higher-value work like advisory. 

  • Training on tap – with MYOB Academy, training materials and resources are always at their fingertips. 

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