Understanding add-ons

What are add-ons?

MYOB makes great accounting software, but when it comes to your business, you often need more tools in the trade than just an accounting package. We love making accounting easier for you, and we partner with other developers who love to make other aspects of your business life, easier.

We call these tools add-ons because they add additional functionality into the business management suite. They connect to and share data with your MYOB accounting software, making data entry faster and less error prone. They help you become more efficient and they can help you better understand your business performance - saving you or helping you make money.

Can you explain add-ons to me?

Explaining add-ons

We recently shot a live video where we discuss add-ons, what they are and why they are important to any business using cloud solutions today. It's a great way to get your head around add-ons and how they help businesses.

How do I find add-ons?

First thing, you need to identify the area of business, the pain point, or the process you'd like to simplify. Then you can explore our add-ons and discover solutions that help.

We have four different ways you can look at add-ons, by industry, by category, by MYOB product integrated with or you can just search.

We also run regular showcase & online video activity where we help dig into the add-ons helping to draw out those key features and giving you the information you need to pick a great add-on for your business

How do I start using add-ons?

Right now MYOB doesn't sell the add-ons to you, right now we simply recommend, suggest and help you discover add-ons that are in the market that connect to our MYOB accounting software.

To start using any given add-on, you'll need to go through to their website and purchase their service. The prices can range from $1 or $2 a month to big applications that cost $,000's a year, or some that are free.

We give each add-on a dedicated page to tell you all about their solution, and on this page you'll find phone numbers, links to their website, links to their support pages, details of their pricing and much more.

Getting started with any add-on should be super simple, and you use your my.myob login to link the add-on to your MYOB software, easy and secure.