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Datapel Warehouse Management System

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Drive business operations with advanced order management and inventory control

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The Datapel Cloud.WMS is a reliable system for managing orders and warehouses. It follows industry best practices, streamlines workflows, reduces costs, and increases transparency in operations for a variety of businesses.

Datapel is designed to enhance business operations through advanced Order Management and Inventory Control workflows, ensuring best practices for your industry.

Key Functions:

  • Multiple locations and bins

  • Returns management

  • Barcode scanning

  • eCommerce and EDI integrations

  • Order management

  • Document and audit trail

  • Guided pick, pack and putaway

  • Transportation Management

  • Inventory management

  • BI and reporting

  • Purchasing and receiving

  • Point-of-sale

Datapel Cloud.WMS Benefits

  • Increase your profits

  • Save time and reduce errors

  • Increase productivity

  • Harness complete stock visibility

  • Lower your inventory spend

  • Improve communication

  • Avoid complex and costly system migration

Datapel Cloud.WMS offers unparalleled assistance for managing inventory and tracking items through its built-in barcode scanning capabilities. This is especially useful for wholesalers, third-party logistics providers, manufacturers, and warehouse service providers.

Our Quality Control workflows offer advanced tools to ensure compliance with industry standards that require tracking and tracing of Batch, Lot, Serial Number, and Expiry Date. These standards are essential for Manufacturers, Food and Beverage companies, High-Tech distributors, and Health and Pharma suppliers.

Datapel Cloud.WMS links to the data you already have in MYOB so everyone is on the same page concerning your business information.

READ Accounts, Tax Codes, Product and Contacts List on demand or periodically synchronised with Datapel Cloud.WMS.

WRITE Product Sales, Purchases, Work Orders, and new Contacts to MYOB. Once order fulfilment and purchase receipts are finalised send payments, bills and invoices to your MYOB accounting system – no need for rekeying.

If you're interested in using Datapel Cloud.WMS, we offer free personalized demonstrations and a review that is tailored to your specific needs. This will help you get started. A member of our Professional Services team will collaborate with you to create a trial account or start your onboarding process. This will ensure that your team is fully productive and following best practice workflows from the very beginning.

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