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Company File Protection

Failsafe protection that ensures your MYOB Company Files

“You insure your home, car and business, why wouldn’t you insure your most valuable business asset with the right backup method.”

Statistics remind us that businesses lose MYOB data for all sorts of reasons; you only have to lose MYOB data once before you realise complete anxiety.

As a business manager you don't need the additional worry of internal backups, who will take the backups home, has it been done or even done properly. It's time to remove staff and I.T out of the process in favour of a solution that is automated and sends MYOB to a secure location.

30 Day FREE Trial

  • Automated backup of Company File when you forget or not there
  • Accidental deletion /overwrite protection
  • Daily reports detailing new, updated and deleted files, keeping you informed
  • MYOB data is encrypted on your computer then transferred through private SSL connection to our secure Data Centre, ensuring no one can read or access your account
  • Cost effective, omit reliance on portable drives, staff and expensive backup equipment
  • 30 days complimentary use
  • Easy to use

Spend no more than $2.75 per week and achieve failsafe backups that will protect your MYOB data!

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Integration Details

  • AccountRight Classic

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It's as easy as visiting the website, and they'll tell you all you need to know to get you started.

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