Manage customers & suppliers: Focus where it counts

What could you do with better customer management?

Focus on the deals that matter

Keep in touch more

See what’s happening, and when

manage customers & suppliers

Valuable information you can act on


Create detailed records

Keep detailed contact records of your customers and suppliers. Create custom views with 40+ categories, including last sale, contact dates and money owed - then easily search and filter information.


Valuable business intelligence

Tailor records across multiple filters so you can make the right phone calls, and see which customers are most valuable to your business.


Contacts on your mobile

Our mobile app syncs with your software so your contacts are always up-to-date. Get map directions to customers' and suppliers' locations with a single touch, and see what you owe - or who owes you - at any time.


What our customers say

Percentage 80 %

The percentage of MYOB customers who say we've "improved the simplicity" of their accounting and bookkeeping*

New customers save one day each month doing sales tasks using MYOB.**

*9 out of 10 MYOB Online subscribers say that the service has ‘improved the simplicity’ of their accounting & bookkeeping processes. MYOB Proof Points Study - 2017.

**Those who move to MYOB Online from a non-accounting package say they now save a whole day a month (~7 hrs) doing customer sales related accounting tasks. MYOB Proof Points Study - 2017.


Manage your customers and suppliers with AccountRight


$ 55

Online or offline accounting software with job tracking and inventory

Do you only need a basic contact list and mobile app? Check out Essentials


Connect to your favourite business tools

Sync with CRMs, trading partners, wholesaler information and ecommerce software. Connect your existing software or search in our directory.


Get even more stuff done...

*MYOB Online users say they now spend half-a-day a month less, each and every month, on payroll tasks, than they did when using a competitor software. MYOB Proof Points Study - 2017.