AccountRight Enterprise

The flexible way to manage multiple location stock control


Advanced inventory

Reconcile inventory balances, assign descriptions, buy and sell in different units. Know exactly what’s in stock and what’s on order.


Stress free payroll

AccountRight Enterprise takes care of your payroll obligations. From pay runs & leave entitlements to tax and KiwiSaver.


Accounting covered

Everything you would expect from your accounting software lives here – GST calculations, quotes and more.

Perfect for those who need more powerful accounting features

Designed for bigger businesses

Enjoy increased productivity with the ability to access your accounts, payroll and warehouses from multiple sites or offices.

Give up to five staff the ability to work on the accounts at the same time. You control their level of access and the type of information they see.

Plus, with multi-currency features, AccountRight Enterprise is the perfect choice if you do international business.

We’ve got your accounting covered

Not only can AccountRight Enterprise track GST on a cash or accrual basis, you can access financial data from previous years.

Once you’re ready to hand your data over to the IRD you can even submit your GST Return online.

From quoting, to issuing invoices and receipts, the entire sales process can be managed through the Sales centre.

With AccountRight Enterprise it’s easy to track what’s owed to you and when you should be paid. You can assign prompt payment discounts and late payment fees so they’re added to client transactions or accounts automatically – one less thing to manage!

You can even set credit limits, make bill payments to suppliers, and review and approve expense claims.

Inventory that works for you

With AccountRight Enterprise, you’ll always be able to keep track of what you buy and sell, know what’s in stock and what’s on order. You can compare physical and counted stock, and purchase costs and selling price.

AccountRight Enterprise has a handy pricing matrix that helps you structure your pricing according to customer status and sales quantities - making it easy to manage multiple pricing levels.

You can easily generate a range of reports to give you a quick overview of your key areas of inventory - and easily set default goods locations, shift items and produce reports for specific locations too.

Cut admin for timesheets, pay runs and invoicing

We have your payment obligations covered. Set up pay runs to your employees' nominated bank account. We even calculate PAYE, KiwiSaver contributions, leave balances and entitlements for you.

Generate reports as required; easily complete and submit your monthly schedules directly to the IRD’s File service. The time billing features makes it easy to record employers and suppliers’ work.

You can also set billing rates based on the activity, or the hourly charge-out rate for a particular employee or customer. And record non-chargeable activities – handy if you want to keep track of costs like entertainment, which generally can’t be charged to the customer.

Easily run detailed and customised reports on PAYG withholdings, payroll, superannuation, leave deductions, allowances and bonuses.

Enjoy these other great features with AccountRight Enterprise

  • Organise reports on accounts, banking, tax, sales, purchases, inventory, time billing, payroll and more.
  • Get closer with CRM capabilities. Keep a contact log for each client, create reminder alerts, and sync with Microsoft Outlook® to create contact groups for bulk emailing.
  • Track all of your customer and supplier interactions, including payment histories and add details like bank account numbers, tax and currency information.
  • When you’re on the hunt for a specific client, supplier or item you can search by name, description or item number to save on time.
Enjoy these other great features with AccountRight Enterprise

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The flexible way to manage multiple location stock control