MYOB BankLink

For clients who want the bookwork done for them

Are you an existing BankLink user looking for support?

Make business life easier with data automation

Clients want to focus on their business, not the books. BankLink virtually eliminates data entry and takes away the pain of GST and year-end accounts.


Get rid of data entry

You can teach BankLink to memorise transactions, reducing data entry and errors.


Easy collaboration

Easy to use software makes exchanging important information with clients simple.


The best bank feeds

A game changer. MYOB BankFeeds™ delivers key transaction data straight to you.


Support, 7 days a week

Support from a human, seven days a week, on the phone or online.

Give your clients financial and lifestyle rewards

Listen to Brendan Drummond explain why SHB Business and Wealth Advisers has hundreds of their clients using BankLink.

How it works

BankLink - How it works diagram

For less involved clients

BankLink is perfect for clients who want the bookwork done for them.

Make it easy for clients to give you the information you need

Collecting missing data from clients can quickly eat into your billable hours. BankLink’s collaboration tools make it quick and easy for clients with any level of computer or accounting knowledge to quickly give you the information you need.


BankLink query

For clients who have a few transactions and are happy using email.


Coding report

For clients who prefer a printed document.


BankLink Books

For more hands on clients who have some level of accounting knowledge.