MYOB Sponsorship Guidelines

In general

MYOB prefers to invest in sponsorships that:

  • Are targeted directly to the country’s small and/or medium business community, and/or to the accountant and book keeper sectors specifically.
  • Result in benefit to our clients, partners and staff.
  • Carry out audience research during and/or after the event, including sponsor questions, and provide the results to MYOB.
  • Provide a comprehensive post-event evaluation report re: value provided to MYOB as sponsor partner.

We will consider sponsorship opportunities in all categories except:

  • Political or military organisations
  • Organisations pursuing sectarian policies or religious institutions
  • Organisations associated with tobacco, alcohol or gambling
  • Organisations whose values are inconsistent with our own
  • We require adequate lead time, generally at least three months.

We require the organisation we are sponsoring to sign a sponsorship agreement.

Our brand values

To assist your understanding of our positioning, here is an overview of what is important to us:

  • Taking care of our clients’ business needs – making business life easier.
  • Promoting local businesses and products.
  • Providing information and products to small and medium sized business to help them build better businesses.

Specific criteria

Your sponsorship proposal must provide at least four of the following:

  • A natural link with business management products and the small to medium business community.
  • Specifically target at least one of our primary audiences.
  • Creative ideas and concepts for application of the sponsorship.
  • Opportunity to increase MYOB brand awareness (this does not only include logo exposure).
  • A speaking spot for an MYOB senior manager/executive.
  • Cross-promotional opportunities across the digital landscape (social media or otherwise).
  • Media coverage
  • Naming rights.
  • Sponsorship exclusivity.

Information required in the sponsorship proposal

To be considered sponsorships must include the following information:

  • Key details of the opportunity for MYOB specifically.
  • A comprehensive list of benefits including how they relate to MYOB and our products.
  • Overview of your marketing plan – objectives, key audience/s, communication plans, communication channels, etc (which includes what is confirmed and is not confirmed).
  • Timeline that includes the important dates.
  • Realistic audience reach numbers.
  • Realistic expected participation numbers.
  • List of sponsors who have committed to date.
  • Pricing.
  • Your company credentials and values

Sponsorship agreement

If a sponsorship application is accepted, the successful applicant will be required to sign a sponsorship agreement which includes:

  • The event and/or organisation being sponsored.
  • Sponsorship benefits to MYOB.
  • Use of the MYOB brand, speaker and/or products.
  • Measures of success.
  • Payment of success.

Application process

  • Submissions should be submitted to the MYOB Public Relations & Corporate Affairs Manager, who will assess suitability, feasibility, cost versus benefit and resources required.
  • You will be notified of the outcome of your proposal within four weeks of receipt of application.