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Item IT6 - Net rental property income or loss

In IT6 label Y, the loss you show is the amount by which the deductions relating to the taxpayer's rental properties exceed the income from those properties.

Labels integrating into IT6

The amount calculated integrates to label Y if it is a loss. If there is no amount integrating, enter zero at the label Y.




Item 13

Label O: Distribution from partnerships (Share of Label O relating to net rental income or loss)

Item 16

Label F: Deferred losses from rental property business

label G: Deferred losses from sole trader business

Item 20

Label R - Foreign rental income or loss

Item 21

Rental income or loss

Item 24

Label Y: Assessable balancing relating to rental properties



The low-value pool deduction being claimed relates to the rental income or loss

Item 13

Label Y: Partnership deductions relating to rental properties

Item D15

Label J: Any deductions related to rental property