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Known issues in MYOB Practice tax

Check this list to see if the issue that is affecting you is already known.

For validation errors, see Validation errors in Practice Tax (AU).

If you can't find your issue, report it to us: in MYOB Practice, click the Help button (?) in the left menu bar, select Log a support call and complete the Support request form.

Estimate issues



Company 2023

Amounts from workpapers not adding up to the total.


The totals from the following worksheets do not add up to the Label 6S on the main return.

- Distribution received - partnerships
- Distribution received - trusts
- Foreign income


Individual 2023

Medicare levy calculation is incorrect when the taxpayer is a part-year resident.

15 April

We've fixed this issue and the estimate will calculate Medicare based on the number of days the taxpayer was a resident.

Activity statements



Error: This compliance is locked. If it's not yet lodged, send it for rework to unlock it. You can then delete it.

This error happens when you try to delete an activity statement that is in a Not Started status.

Select the periods you want to lodge and de-select the periods your clients are lodging. This will update the activity statements when you receive the ATO report the next day.

Support ref 01241483

Non-lodgable forms listed past the due date


An activity statement with a non-lodgable status shows under the Unlodged list past the due date.

See Non-lodgable forms on how to remove the form Unlodged list.

Support ref: 01418566