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Validation errors in MYOB Practice tax

We're regularly updating this page with the validation errors that have been reported to us. For the full list, see the ATO list of PLS/SBR issues.

Error messages

While entering data into certain fields, we'll check for any errors and display a message in red below the field so you can fix it straight away.

After you've fixed any data errors, validate the tax return to clear any ATO validation errors to avoid rejection.

Click the error and it will automatically take you to the field that is missing data.

For example

PLS errors






The software provider has not been nominated to secure your online (cloud) transmissions.

If the Agent ABN or the Practice ABN in Tax and the ABN registered in the ATO access Manager for the Software ID aren't the same.

Or if there are multiple agents or you used the company or business ABN in Tax.

Make sure that both the ATO Access Manager and MYOB Tax have the same ABN. Once the ABN has been confirmed in ATO Access Manager and MYOB Tax, you can continue lodging.


You do not have the correct permissions to submit this request or retrieve this file.

If you don't have permission to lodge forms on behalf of the client.

Check the following:

Are the ABN and TFN correct?

In ATO Access manager under Access/Permissions, check if the agent number is added, and has full permissions to Prepare and Lodge returns of that type.

Check if your client's ABN is active on If it's no longer active, remove the ABN from the tax return.

Check on the ATO Tax Agent Portal that the client is listed under the tax obligations subsection. If it's missing, add it.

ABN, TFN and Client Activity Center (ABN Branch Number) are the same as those entered in MYOB Tax. Enter the ABN Branch Number.

Check that the tax return is assigned to the correct agent.

If it's still an issue, delete and re-add the client on the ATO tax agent portal.


Your nomination with the online (cloud) software provider does not contain the correct Software ID.

Your nomination with the software provider might not have the correct Software ID in Access Manager. To resolve, log on to Access Manager (AUSkey required), select ? my nominated software provider? and update the nomination, or call the ATO.

Provide the following details:

Software provider name and/or their ABN ,Software ID.


The client you transmitted is not associated with the agent number you supplied and cannot be authorised.

A link between your client and your agent number does not exist for the selected task. You'll get this error if the details in the tax return don't match the ATO record

Check that you've added this client to your registered agent number, client identifier, and registered agent number.

Edit the details in the tax return to match the details in the ATO records. Remember that text is case-sensitive. If you're still getting the error, contact the ATO.






Text": "The message did not pass XBRL validation. Please contact your software provider

This error happens when the data is not completed correctly in the tax return. For example, If the address details are not entered in the correct field.
To find the exact field of the error, contact support.


A field contains invalid data (such as letters in numeric or date field).",

This error happens if the data is not cleared from a field.


You'll see this error if the Practice ABN and/or the Tax Agent ABN do not match with the registered name

Check if the practice ABN is registered and active on

Check the TAN is present and valid on

If the TAN is registered, check the name used for the TAN matches the name listed against the practice ABN on

If all of the above is correct, check that the ABN entered in the return is also correct.

If this is still an issue contact the ATO.

Form errors


Individual tax return




Known issue -

While we're working on a fix, use the workaround below:

Open the Income Details schedule (INCLDTS) schedule.

Enter 0 in the following fields:
- Foreign pensions or annuities fields

- Deductible expenses,

- Undeducted purchase price, Foreign tax paid


Share of net income from trusts must be provided

Where any Total primary production income from managed fund, Your share of primary production income from managed fund or Primary production net income from trusts amounts are present in the attached Income Details schedule, the Share of net income from trusts must be provided

Known issue
Fixed - 5 March 2024


Distribution from partnerships relating to financial investments, less foreign income must be provided

Known issue
Fixed - 5 March 2024

Income details schedule




Non-primary production net income from trusts amount details are incomplete

Where Non-primary production net income from trusts (less capital gains, foreign income and franked distributions) is present, both the Non-primary production managed investment scheme amount and the Non-primary production remaining trust amount must be provided

Known issue
Fixed - 5 March 2024