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Selecting Partner Program reward preferences

Different tiers of the Partner Program (AU | NZ) give you access to different rewards in the form of a commission or discount on your MYOB Business subscription purchases.

You can change whether your reward is the wholesale discount or the commission at any time. You can also update your business and bank details used for receiving the commission.

Commission – The commission reward is only available if your client pays for the subscription, not if your practice pays.
If your practice is paying for an existing client file subscription, but you want to change this so that your client pays for the subscription, log a support case via MYOB Practice, or contact us.

You'll receive the commission at least monthly. It'll be credited to either your bank account or your MYOB account, depending on how your account was set up.

Discount – The discount applies for 5 years from your subscription date. The 5 years continue to elapse even if you have a market offer. A market offer will apply until the offer period ends, and then the wholesale discount will apply.

Check the available market offers from MYOB Practice by going to Client files and clicking Create file.