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Requesting access to a client file

From the Client files page or the Client workspace page, you can access client files that you’ve created or have permission to access.

If you don't have access to a file you need to review, contact your practice administrator, who can use the following guide to give you access.

Give a staff member access to files

The steps you'll follow below depend on the file. If you have an MYOB Essentials file that was created in April 2020 or later, it will be the new version. Any MYOB Essentials files from before that time will be MYOB Essential (old).

MYOB AccountRight/MYOB Essentials/MYOB Business files

These steps are for accessing online files in the latest AccountRight version. If the file isn't online, see Add a user to an offline file.

Before you begin

First, check that you have permission to manage online file access. If you can't see the Manage online file access area of my.MYOB, talk to your administrator about getting permission. Second, check in the file (MYOB AccountRight > Users) to make sure your practice has an advisor who is:

If you don't have an advisor for a file, all the practice users with access to the file will be individually listed and visible to your client. To add an advisor, you'll need to be the owner of the file. The file owner is typically the person who set up the file and will be a practice user or the client.

  1. Log in to

  2. Go to My account Manage online file access.

    If you can't see the Manage online file access area, talk to your administrator about getting permission.

  3. Select the file, select the employees who should have access to the file, and click Update

    The update may take some time to process.