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Permissions for tax-related tasks

As Practice administrator in MYOB Practice, you can assign permissions to manage which users perform some tax-related tasks including lodging, unlocking and approving tax returns. These tax permissions are in addition to the other permissions you can assign. You need to enable the tax permissions you want to use.

Tax permissions

These are the permissions available to you to restrict tax-related tasks:

  • Compliance administration – enable this permission to choose the staff that can file tax returns.

  • Compliance approval – enable this permission to choose the users that can unlock and approve tax returns.

Unless your practice has enabled the restricted permissions for those tax-related tasks, all users will have permission to do these tasks.

Enable permissions

Enabling restricted roles for tax tasks


As an Administrator, you can turn on restricted permissions for tax-related tasks. Only the users you give roles to will be able to complete the tasks. Before assigning a role to the user, you must turn on the restrictions.

  1. On the left of MYOB Practice, select Settings (the cog).

  2. Under Access management, select Permissions.

  3. Select the permission and, in the panel on the right, click Edit permission.

  4. Select Restricted role.

  5. Click Save.

After you've turned on both permission restrictions, all users except Administrators will be restricted from lodging, unlocking and approving returns.

You can turn off these restrictions at any time. If you turn them off, all users will be able to lodge, unlock and approve tax returns.

Assign permissions to users

For details, follow the steps for assigning permissions to users.

Available permissions

This table lists the tasks that permissions allow users to perform in MYOB Practice.




(EAP: Practice administrator)

Can do everything

No role

Can do all tasks except for approving and lodging a tax return.

Compliance administration

Can do all tasks except for approving and lodging a tax return.

Compliance approval

Can do all tasks except for lodging a tax return.