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Editing your business bank details

Online company files only

If you use online payments to receive customer payments, you might need to edit the business bank account your online payments go into, or the account your fees and charges are debited from. If you need to change the bank details for electronic payments you make to suppliers or employees, find out how to record your bank account details.

Add your bank account details to your invoices

Make it easier for your customers to pay via direct deposit by adding your bank details to your invoices. See Personalising invoices for details.

You can edit your online payment business bank details in the merchant portal, accessible from AccountRight. You’ll need to verify any new bank accounts you add the same way you did when you first set up online payments.

If you need to change the bank account used to pay your MYOB subscription, see Your MYOB subscription and payment details.

To edit your bank and business details

Only the Online owner or an Online administrator can change the bank details. Tell me more online access levels.

  1. Go to the Sales command centre and click Online Invoice Payments to open Online payments settings in a browser.

    Online Invoice Payments button highlighted

  2. If prompted, sign in to the merchant portal.

  3. Click Edit for:

    1. Settlement bank account to change the business bank account MYOB will use to deposit invoice payments and process chargebacks.

      1. Follow the prompts to update your account details.

      2. Click Next to save.

    2. Bank account for direct debit of fees to change the business bank account that will be debited for fees and charges.

      1. Follow the prompts to update your account details.

      2. Click Next and complete your Direct Debit Request details.

      3. Click I agree to save.

        Example online invoice payments accounts highlighted

  4. If applicable, you can change the Ledger account to record payments. Online payments will be automatically allocated to this AccountRight account in your bank feeds.

  5. If you pass on credit card surcharges to your customers, you can change the income account to record late charges and surcharges.

    Choose an income account to record late charges and surcharges

  6. When you're done, click Save.

You'll receive an email within 48 hours confirming the changes you made.