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Working online

Why work online?

If you have an AccountRight subscription, you're able to take advantage of all the benefits of storing your company file online (subscription info & pricing: Australia | New Zealand).

Access your accounts anywhere and anytime—even from a web browser—and give others access too, such as your colleagues, bookkeeper and accountant. You can even choose which areas of your file they can see.

When working online your data is safe, secure and always current. Desktop computer crash? No worries - your data is safe, online!

Check out the video on the right to see how working online can change the way you do business.

Get started

Got the latest version of AccountRight on your PC, plus a subscription?

Next, you'll need an online company file. If you purchased AccountRight online, or registered a POSA (point-of-sale activation card), you’ll already have one – skip to the next section!

Don't have an online file yet? Either upload an existing file or create one from scratch.

Then, if you're in AccountRight you can open your online file. You'll know you're online thanks to the green status bar at the bottom of the screen:

Or you can access the online file in a web browser from any device.

Now that you're online, let's see what you can do...

Hot tip... If your accountant or someone else set up AccountRight for you, they may have created your file already – if so, you just need to accept their invitation to work on it.

Work with others

It's simple for others to work on your online file at the same time as you, whether it be your colleagues, your bookkeeper, or your accountant.

That means easier, more efficient collaboration with your team, all while maintaining control over who sees what information and when. Check out the video on the right to learn more.

When you created your file, you may have invited others to access it – if so, you now need to finish up by adding them as company file users. Haven't invited anyone yet? Invite them now.

Work from anywhere

Now that you're online, you're no longer tied to the office. You can work from home, at a café—or anywhere you take your computer with an internet connection. Catch up on your books at a time that suits you, not just during regular business hours.

Not near your computer? Sign in to your AccountRight online file using a web browser on any device. Or you can install MYOB Invoice on your mobile device to manage your accounts and contacts, see who owes you money, and record payments too.


Didn't go to plan?

If you're having problems connecting to your online company file, check our troubleshooting guide for some suggestions on how to fix or work around the issues.

Didn't go to plan